The Triumph of DC Comics Casino Games

By Staff Reporter , May 23, 2019 12:52 PM EDT

The Triumph of DC Comics Casino Games

Not all superheroes are created equal, but, as seems to be the case, not all casino games are created equal either. Over the last few years, Playtech, a software developer, and DC Comics have been releasing a series of casino games inspired by the DC Comics Universe. Put simply, Playtech and Warner Brothers (DC Comic's parent) have partnered to release some of the most ambitious and innovative casino games ever seen.

The games, commonly titled DC Super Heroes Slots, are interconnected, with around 15 titles in total. The majority of titles are related to individual move releases. For example, Justice League, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad Slots were released not long after those movies hit theatres.

So, what makes these games better than your average run-of-the-mill slot game? Well, while aesthetics are the most important thing, it does make a big difference that this is officially licenced material, meaning you get real imagery, movie clips, sound and sights from the DC Universe. The games are polished products, which knock most of their competitors out of the water when it comes to graphics.

Big Bonus Games Dazzle Players

However, most importantly, the games are creative - very creative. Special bonus features inspired by the movies and comics allow for innovative ways to win cash. If you are awarded, for example, the Battle For Earth Bonus in Man of Steel Slot, or the Fusion Reactor Bonus in The Dark Knight Rises Slot, few special features in casinos games can offer comparable excitement. Not only are big prizes on offer, but the gameplay in these features is uniquely thrilling.

As mentioned earlier, the DC Super Heroes games are interconnected. This is achieved through a Jackpot Game. All DC slots will display four progressive jackpot awards - Mini, Minor, Major and Grand - the latter of which can pay out millions. The jackpots are funded by taking a small percentage (approx. 1%) from each bet placed on any of the games. This feeds into the jackpot fund, which grows and grows until one player (it's awarded randomly) is awarded the big prize. Entry to the DC Superheroes Jackpot Game guarantees at least one of the four jackpots.

DC Super Hero Games are Exclusive to Certain Casinos

You'll find one of the best collections of DC Super Heroes slots at and its sister sites. Not all casinos stock DC Super Heroes games, for the simple reason that the games' creators, Playtech, sign exclusive licensing agreements with casinos in Canada, the UK and elsewhere.

While the majority of DC games are slots, there are some titles for fans of traditional casino games. Superman Roulette, for example, is a good choice for those who live to avoid the flashiness of slots. It's effectively just traditional roulette, but it has the added incentive of being linked to the jackpot game mentioned above.

Indeed, if you are of a certain age, you might also enjoy the retro fun of DC Slot Games based on the 1960s classic Batman series. Yes, the games feature plenty of clips of Adam West, Cesar Romero and Burgess Meredith in their iconic roles. Pick of the bunch is arguably Batman and the Penguin Prize, a simple game with huge payout potential.

Creating games based on movies and superheroes is nothing new, and Playtech has went down that route before. However, this range is something extraordinary. It's a must for fans of the comic books, but also a big draw for serious casino players. A triumph.

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