[Viral] Cheerful Nurses Thank Citizens For Their Support In Heartwarming Video

[Viral] Emotional Video Shows Nurses Thanking Citizens For Their Support

A recent emotional video has been released by some nurses in order to thank everyone for doing their part and for the support they have received as they brave the front lines fighting this virus.

by Urian

A view of beds at a shopping mall, one of Iran's largest, which has been turned into a centre to receive patients suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Tehran

More Than 600 Dead From Drinking High-Concentrated Alcohol: Effects of Coronavirus Misinformation

Misinformation has just recently claimed the lives of 600 people as they drank high-concentrated alcohol in an attempt to cure coronavirus.

by Urian

[Animal Cruelty] Niece Claims Netflix's Tiger King

[Animal Cruelty] Netflix's Tiger King "Joe Exotic" Allegedly Sells Frozen Cubs According to Niece

A new Netflix documentary has just recently been released called Tiger King and its star "Joe Exotic" is faced with accusations from his niece for freezing and selling dead cubs to taxidermists!

by Urian

Brenda Boyd - A resident of North Tyneside

Woman Sends Out Middle Finger Emoji To Council By Accident In a Twitter Convo: What Happened Next Will Make You Laugh

A hilarious exchange between a woman and North Tyneside Council over Twitter as she sends them an emoji of a middle finger

by Renz

[Lockdown Hacks] Stay-At-Home Mom Makes Fake McDonalds For Autistic Son To Save Money During Lockdown

Autistic Son Gets Fake McDonalds From Mom In Order To Save Money During The Lockdown

A mother has recently decided to be a little bit more creative by making her autistic son fake McDonalds from home in order to save money during the lockdown.

by Urian

[VIRAL VIDEO] Remember The Pineapple Pen Song (PPAP) That Entertained Trump Himself? The Remix Now Talks About Washing Your Hands!

[VIRAL VIDEO] Pineapple Pen Song That Entertained Trump Now Has Remix That Talks About Washing Your Hands!

The previously viral song Pineapple Pen or PPAP which has entertained even Trump himself now gets a remix that talks about washing your hands!

by Urian

[VIDEO] The Purge Siren Being Used By In Louisiana As Coronavirus Deaths Start To Pile

[VIDEO] The Purge Is Here! Cops Use Purge Siren As Coronavirus Deaths Pile Up

Louisiana local authorities have started to use a 2013 horror film called Purge's siren in order to warn citizens of the curfew. Social media has developed mixed reactions.

by Urian

[August 1] Save The Date For The New Super Mario Sets Starting at $59.99!

[August 1] Lego and Nintendo's Brand New Super Mario Lego Set Starts At $59.99! Here's All You Need To Know

Lego and Nintendo have just recently announced that they will be working together to bring a new Super Mario Lego set! Will the $59.99 set be worth the price?

by Urian

[Facebook Post] Police Found Illinois Mayor's Wife At A Bar Party Right After The Mayor Ordered People To Stay Indoors!

Illinois Mayor Breaks Up Party At A Bar: Police Found His Wife At One Of Them!

An Illinois mayor recently ordered police to break up parties due to the coronavirus and at a certain bar, officers actually found his wife partying!

by Urian

J.K. Rowling backs sacked worker in transgender speech case

[VIDEO] JK Rowlings Shares Breathing Techniques That Helped Her Conquer COVID-19

JK Rowlings has recently shared a video containing certain breathing techniques which she claims to have helped her recover from the deadly coronavirus.

by Urian

What is Dalgona Coffee? How to Make Dalgona Coffee? Here's Everything To Know About This Recent Social Media Craze

What is Dalgona Coffee? How to Make One in 3 Simple Steps and Everything To Know About This Social Media Craze

Ever wondered what on earth is going on about this new dalgona coffee social media craze? Well, here's what you need to know and even how to make it!

by Urian

[TikTok Video] Coronavirus Doctors Dance Amidst Pandemic

[Tiktok Video] Dancing Doctor's "Coronavirus Dance Moves" Catches Janet Jackson's Attention

A doctor has decided to shed some light amidst the virus by showing off his moves on TikTok!

by Urian

Bella Ciao! Bella Ciao! Bella Ciao Ciao Ciao! Recap on Netflix's La Casa de Papel 'Money Heist' Before Season 4 on April 3, 2020

[Netflix] La Casa de Papel 'Money Heist' Recap Before Season 4 April 3, 2020!

Netflix's La Casa de Papel 'Money Heist' season 4 is finally dropping on April 3, 2020, and if you've forgotten just what happened, read this article now!

by Urian

Get Your Coronavirus Humble Bundle For Just $30! Games, Comics, and Books

$30 Coronavirus Humble Bundle? That's A Steal!

Humble Bundle has announced a Conquer COVID-19 bundle that costs only $30 but includes about $1000 worth of content! Help fight coronavirus by staying home with your new bundle!

by Urian

Wondering How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6? Adult Swim's Trailer Reveals May 5 2020 Launch!

How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6? Wait for May 5 2020 to Find Out!

Adult Swim has just recently announced the coming of the next five Rick and Morty episodes and it does not seem like fans have to wait too long since it is promised to air on May 5, 2020.

by Urian

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