4 Advantages of Using A Visitor Management System for your Corporate Lobby

By Staff Reporter , Jun 20, 2019 10:22 AM EDT

Making a strong first impression is as important as ever, especially in a world of evolving technology. Gone are the days when you could rest complacently knowing there is a receptionist welcoming visitors in your corporate lobby. It's time now to incorporate technology into your operations for a more streamlined experience in your lobby. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to introduce a savvy visitor management system.

Why is a presentable corporate lobby more important than ever?

Your corporate lobby is more than a receiving area for guests. It speaks so much about your business, not only representing your brand, but also your company's philosophy and vision.

With that in mind, it's more important than ever to ensure that processes at your reception desk are as streamlined and efficient as possible - starting with visitor management. The use of an iPad visitor sign-in app, as opposed to the paper guest book, is sure to fast-forward your corporate lobby into the world of automated office space.

How Can An iPad Visitor Sign-In App Improve Your Corporate Lobby?

Take a look at some of the advantages it can bring to your corporate lobby.

1. Sleek Reception Desk for a Great First Impression

Say goodbye to the clutter brought by physical logbooks. Now, you can easily maintain a clean and organised front desk. Thanks to your electronic sign-in system.

Impress your visitors with an iPad visitor sign-in app that captures their information electronically. No need to ask them questions one at a time. They can simply follow the questions posted on the iPad screen for the system to log them in.

Soon after, a visitor badge is printed for them to wear inside your building or premises. This creates a relaxed sign-in process while waiting for their appointment, and making a great first impression.

2. Batch Pre-Registration for Expedited Entry

You may be awaiting a group of visitors for a conference or seminar within your premises. Don't leave them waiting in a queue prior to their scheduled event.

Today's visitor management systems have a visitor pre-registration feature that enables visitors to register prior to the event, allowing for a quicker sign in on arrival. This helps expedite their entry process, without risking building security and shortens the sign-in process.

3. Visitor Alerts and Notifications for Important Guests

Are you about to sign an important contract with the CEO of another company? Do you have an important guest arriving at your premises? Unsure of how to give them a suitable welcome upon arrival?

A visitor management system enables hosts to easily be alerted of their important guests' arrival upon sign-in. This allows you and your team to provide the warm welcome you have in mind, which puts you on good footing with them.

4. Real-Time Visitor Database update

More than providing a great first impression to your guests and visitors, an electronic sign-in system helps you keep track of employee and visitor movements through an online dashboard. This supports real-time visibility of the following:

- Status of pre-registered visitors
- Visitors inside the premises, including employees
- Number of new visitors

As a reception officer, you can easily have these reports formatted in Excel, PDF, CSV, Word or RTF and send to your immediate officer. This saves you time to focus on other important front desk matters.

The Transformation is Almost Complete...

An electronic sign-in system helps to transform your front desk into a corporate lobby of the future. Without paper to clutter your desk (and the environment) as well as a streamlined and GDPR compliant visitor management system, it also presents an enjoyable experience to anyone signing-in at the reception.

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