Are Smartwatches Suitable For Your Little Ones

By Eric Hamilton , Oct 16, 2019 01:31 PM EDT
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Advancement in technology may be seen as the death of human spirited emotions by many but that doesn't change the fact that it has provided excess ease and a wide range of options. It has evolved the way people think, act and deliver.

Whilst the norm of eating dinner together has long been deteriorated since the invention of laptops and smartphones, it has not done everything wrong. 

Uncurable diseases have found solutions, transport has become quicker and entertainment has become learning-oriented.


Time kids spend as entertainment has largely become purposeful. Along with stimulating their fun hormones, it also allows them to learn something new. 

For example, they can now learn how much calories they are burning while they run, they can become more physically efficient by beating their personal records. Kids can also save the memories of their playtime in a chip and can learn to count and spell while jumping.

Yes, you got that right; we are talking about kids smartwatches and you can read their reviews on Reviews Crush. This gadget has been a revolution in the field of child entertainment. 

But is it suitable to provide your child with this gadget? Let's see why we think it is.


1. Peace of mind for parents

These smartwatches are integrated with GPS which tells the parents exactly where their kids are. Life has become so fast and there is no turning back to it, so instead of constantly whining about how we have been enslaved by it, it's much easier to adhere to the solutions.

Many mothers work at day and have to look after household activities after returning back so there doesn't leave a time window where they can go out with their kids play area each day so these gadgets provide them a sigh of relief.

You can keep track of them on your smartphone and send them voice messages whenever you like it. For example "it's time to come home", "be careful with the slide" or "bring half a dozen eggs while returning". Many watches allow video calling as well which is more interactive.

Then, they have a distressing feature that prompts the parents whenever the kid is in difficulty. It shows you the exact location of your child and you can talk to them through these as well to know what exactly the problem is.

2. Chance of learning every day

There are several apps and games that kids can play but also learn from at the same time. You teach them how to count by spelling out numbers but science has proven that brains can process images 60,000 times faster than words when he/she is learning to count through the animated games on the watches, they are sure to get there fast.

It also triggers their willpower which is difficult for you to do. Actually, the minds of kids are obsessive about game characters and animated models. Your little girl is more likely to learn addition from Cinderella than from you and your boy can learn how to tell the time in both formats from Spiderman fast.

There are games that only allow the user to jump to the next level if they complete the previous one and we all know; how great kids are when they are curious. They would ultimately find a way of accessing the next level and that enhances their cognitive abilities.

Also, they can learn jingles and poems fast from recordings in these smartwatches because of the tones. How do you think we can't seem to forget to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" even when we grow old; that's because of the specific melody which is in them. There are preinstalled recordings in some but you can always record your version in it too.

3. Keeps them alert

How you may ask? The reminder and alarm feature in these smartwatches make a kid particular about his routine. He can feed the time of doing his homework, feed the pet and learns dancing in them and you will be amazed at how sensibly he starts to follow them.

It makes them responsible too because the gadget provides them a 24-hour job to take care of it. They won't "accidentally" jump in puddles of muddy water because the watch would get non-functional, and they won't watch games over it all the time because the battery would die, unlike a PlayStation.

Top Brands

Some of the most noteworthy brands that provide reliable android smartwatches models are listed below:

  • Vtech Kidizoom

  • TickTalk

  • Kurio

Concluding Comments

The secret of taking benefit from technology is to use it the right way. Smartwatches for teenagers and kids follow the same rule of thumb. Keep a check on the activities children do on them owing to the parental control features, don't let them overuse it and have them take good care of it. We can't stop out kids from wanting technical gadgets that their friends have but we can certainly educate them to use them with positive purpose and utility. 

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