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4 Tips to Do Business in the Netherlands

By Staff Reporter , Dec 23, 2019 02:19 PM EST
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Do you notice more and more of your clients come from the Netherlands or does the country seem like a booming market for your business? Then there are a few things you need and/or need to know to do business in the Netherlands.

Get registered in the Dutch trade register

First things first: if you want to do any kind of business in the Netherlands, you need to be registered in the Dutch trade register. Make sure to do this, so you don't get any issues with the law! 

Get a phone number with a Dutch area code

Once you're registered, you can take that paperwork to your phone provider to ask for a Dutch phone number. This will make you seem more reliable for your Dutch clients and furthermore they might easier call you. Even though it's perfectly possible to call a number in the United States, Dutch clients might opt out of doing that in fear of high costs.

You can also ask your provider for a specific area code, for instance a "070 netnummer" will give you a phone number with the area code for The Hague, while a "073 netnummer" and a "0570 netnummer" will make it seem like they're calling a number from Den Bosch and Deventer, respectively. VoIP calling (Dutch translation: VoIP bellen) or calling with the internet, makes sure you're connected to the Dutch area number. 

Try the Netherlands as a test-market

Did you know that the Dutch are early adapters to loads of things, especially technology-wise? It's no surprise that the country with billion-dollar value start-ups like is often referred to as 'the Silicon Valley of Europe'.

So if your product is technology-related and you want a real, honest opinion, roll it out in the Netherlands first. The Dutch can be brutally honest, but in business, that's what you need to succeed.

Don't forget legal advice

Our last tip is to not skip out on legal advice. The Netherlands is a whole other country than the U.S. and things work differently in both countries. Ask your legal council to take a look at all contracts etc. you have. You'll be thankful in the end! 

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