Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Remote Workers

By Staff Reporter , Feb 24, 2020 04:20 PM EST
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They may not work out of the same office as you, but their purpose is the same - to help your company succeed. Your remote workforce works hard on a daily basis to reach company goals and provide efficient products and services for your customers. Faced with a diverse set of physical, psychological, and personal challenges compared to those working in-house, it takes a lot of work for them to be productive on a daily basis. That's why it is especially important for business owners to find ways to show their appreciation in a special way. 

Give Them a Call

Email and chat groups are the most common forms of communication for remote teams. If you want to make your employees feel appreciated, a simple phone call would suffice. Make some time to personally and individually call each of your remote workers. Check in on them, ask about their at-home work experience, listen to their concerns, and lastly, let them know that you are paying attention and appreciate the work they do. 

Flexible Schedules

The work-life balance can often be a bit more challenging for remote workers. Being at home exposes them to so many different distractions that can get in the way of them performing at their best. A large pile of laundry, doctor's appointments, calls from the kid's school, and even feeding and walking pets can cause their minds to wander to things unrelated to the job. Offering flexible working schedules allows them to handle things at home and then check-in for work when it is most appropriate for them. 

High-Quality Software and Tech

In order for remote workers to remain connected and effective in their positions, they need access to the best tech and software. Periodically, you can show them how much you appreciate them by upgrading their computers or software to make their jobs easier to manage. 

Awards and Plaques

When you work hard, having something to show for it (other than a paycheck) is a nice touch. Why not show your remote team some appreciation by sending them custom plaques and awards? They'll be so surprised to receive an award in the mail that showcases their contributions to the company. Whether it's the employee of the month, the highest number of sales, or some other special accomplishment you want to highlight it's a keepsake that your employees can hang in their homes and feel proud. 

Host a Company Event

Your in-house and remote teams may not see each other often, but you can create an even stronger team by getting everyone together on occasion. Hosting a company event is a great way to do this. Try and choose a central location and even look for free or affordable travel arrangements for your remote workers. You can have a company picnic, friends and family day, or team building event and invite everyone to have a great time. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to show your remote workers how much you appreciate them. It doesn't have to be expensive either. You can purchase batches of $5, $10, $15, or $20 gift cards to popular stores ranging from Starbucks to Amazon. As you're paying attention to works completed by your remote workers, send them gift cards to say thanks, good job, or keep up the good work. The best part is you can purchase digital gift cards so you can save money on postage and your employees can receive their gifts immediately. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Your in-house or local workers have an opportunity to attend training, meetings, and other networking events that can help them to learn new concepts and advance professionally. You can offer the same to your remote workers as well. There are plenty of platforms offering online training, courses, and certifications that you can sign your remote team up for. They'll be happy to attend as it can expand their knowledge and help them to move up in their professional careers. 

Managing a remote team is a lot different than an in-house team. Because they're not physically in the office every day, it can be fairly easy to overlook their role in your organization. Help them to feel more like part of the team and show them how much you appreciate their efforts on a regular basis by utilizing some of the suggestions provided above. 

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