[Viral] Cheerful Nurses Thank Citizens For Their Support In Heartwarming Video

As the coronavirus grows rampant and has started taking many lives around the globe, the frontlining nurses are still holding down the fort and battling virus with whatever resources available. In a recent viral video, much appreciation has been shown by a group of medical staff who are seen clapping while wearing their full Personal Protective Equipment or PPE to the emotional tune of "You'll Never Walk Alone."

[Viral] Cheerful Nurses Thank Citizens For Their Support In Heartwarming Video
(Photo : Screenshot From Caters Clips YouTube Page)
[Viral] Cheerful Nurses Thank Citizens For Their Support In Heartwarming Video

The sacrifices made by those involved in the medical field fighting against this virus is hard to account for due to the aggressive involvement they have given in the fight against this pandemic. It is a heartwarming sight when these very heroes have decided to thank the public for doing their part and practicing social distancing and their full support against this pandemic.

The nurses in the video

The Nurses that were at the hospital had said that they suddenly decided to record this very footage in order to thank the whole United Kingdom "from the bottom of their hearts" due to the entirety of supports that the NHS has received.

The worker who was filming the video also commented that "We wanted to do the applause to thank the public for their support in following the lockdown rules, therefore protecting us allowing us to do our job safely with less pressure." These very staff are hopeful that this will reach a wide audience so that people may be aware of the love and support that they have received.


This specific video has already gained more than 13,000 vies, shares, likes, and even comments online! The video hopes to reach a wider audience to let more people know just how much their support is appreciated and received with much gratitude.

The people across the whole United Kingdom have already been saluting NHS staff and those other key workers every Thursday evening ever since March 26 with this tradition to be expected to continue to the foreseeable future.

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Pictures and videos around the situation

There are many pictures and videos showing different households clapping, banging their pots and pans, and even some playing their bagpipes just to show their support for those NHS staff working hard to fight against the coronavirus.

Given the recent lockdown rules, most people have started to gather on their balconies, doorsteps, and even their very own gardens in order to make their support heard by those on the front lines. There have already been an alarming 60,733 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 across the spread of the United Kingdom as of Thursday, with already 7,079 deaths due to this very pandemic.

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The massive damage is received with sadness by people around the world and the video by the NHS staff shows the positivity and fighting strong emotions of the nurses as they still brave the front lines facing the virus face to face and not giving up.

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