[Tiktok Video] Dancing Doctor's "Coronavirus Dance Moves" Catches Janet Jackson's Attention

While the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is making its presence felt around the world, health care workers such as doctors and etc. have been bombarded with coronavirus patients giving them a hard time to keep their smiles. One particular doctor has decided that during these times of hardships, it is important that people still strive to smile despite the complications felt globally.

[TikTok Video] Coronavirus Doctors Dance Amidst Pandemic
(Photo : Screenshot From The Real Dr. J @drjcofthedc Official TikTok Page)
[TikTok Video] Coronavirus Doctors Dance Amidst Pandemic

A doctor has decided to take his dance moves to TikTok in hopes of making this ongoing pandemic bearable for those who are hit hard. This particular doctor from Oregon tries to light up the room with his stellar dance moves and also reminding people with his social distancing memos.

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The doctor with the moves The doctor's name is Dr. Jason Campbell and he is a resident physician for the department of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine of the Oregon Health and Science University otherwise known as OHSU in Portland. KGW reports that Dr. Campbell then issues doctor's orders for the rising following of thousands of people on social media to stay healthy and hopeful during this worldwide pandemic. Dr. Campbell at age 31 was said to have "always loved to dance" showing his upbeat dance moves along with OHSU colleagues inside the hospital during the coronavirus outbreak. The video became a sensation on TikTok garnering millions of views in total. Campbell shows his classic Cha-Cha side on popular TikTok challenges reminding his following of 132,000 people on the platform that "you can still have fun while social distancing."

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 Dr. Campbell's dance moves

Dr. Campbell busts out some pretty awesome moves like the "coronavirus foot shake" which has even caught the attention of Janet Jackson calling his stunt "cute." According to Campbell's statement to KGW, "Naturally I am just happy, positive, glass is always full in some way. It's just how you see the world."


Although the occasional dances are just fun and games, Campbell tries to emphasize that he along with his coworkers are treating their roles as medical professionals with utmost seriousness. "Times are tough. We don't take that lightly. We're preparing very, very diligently to be ready at OHSU for what may come," the doctor said. "

The explanation given by Dr. Campbell

The doctor took it to both Instagram and Twitter to voice out the message behind these videos. According to Dr. Campbell, he has been getting quite an amount of inquiries asking him why is he making these TikTok videos and why is he dancing?

The doctor then replied by telling them that in 20 years, he wants to see more women in surgery and black men in medicine as well as female leaders. According to his tweet, the Dr. had already met the youngest generation where they're at and has now been able to find a place where discussions can begin.

The doctor explained that his viral videos was an attempt to get in touch with the younger generation through the use of TikTok.

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