How to Rank in Valorant and Other Top FAQs Answered!

FAQ: How to Rank in Valorant
FAQ: How to Rank in Valorant Photo : Screenshot From Arekkz Gaming Official YouTube Channel

If you're wondering how to rank in Riot's new Valorant, you've come to the right place! According to Riot itself, winning games is still the most important factor for ranking up, but your personal performance still plays a huge part in that as well.

If you play "exceptionally well," you'll be able to rank up much faster and vice versa if you perform poorly. Riot explains that how Valorant determines your early rank has a huge hold on your personal performance, but later on, winning matches still becomes the ultimate basis.

Once you have finally received your Valorant competitive rank, you will only be matched with certain players not more than two ranks ahead or below of yourself.

According to Riot, a huge way that the ranked mode works is by combat smurfing, rank boosting, and also ensuring that competitive players all get balanced matches. Before anything else, take caution, the game's ranked mode has only been alive for only almost a month being previously released last April.

Due to the infancy of this game, you should still expect quite the nuanced ins-and-outs of this system while Riot is still working to improve it through data and feedback. The game still has a bit to work on but once the beta version is over, players can expect smoother gameplay for all.

So far, there are a total of eight different ranks inside Valorant, each of these different ranks has three tiers except for the top rank named after the game, Valorant. This makes for a lengthy 22 possible skill badges!

Here are the following ranks:

Iron rank: with tiers one to three

Bronze rank: with tiers one to three

Silver rank: with tiers one to three

Gold rank: with tiers one to three

Platinum rank: with tiers one to three

Diamond rank: with tiers one to three

Immortal rank: with tiers one to three

Valorant rank: ultimate status attainable in the game.

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Here is a list of the frequently asked questions or FAQ:

Question: Will my rank reset if I become inactive?

Answer: No. Your rank will reset if you have not played in a while but when you have reached 14 days of not playing, your rank will be temporarily "hidden" until you choose to play a match. This does not mean that your rank has disappeared, it only means that you have to become an active player once again in order for your rank to display once more.

Question: Will my competitive rank carry over after the beta?

Answer: No. When the beta version is over and the game will officially start, all of the competitive ranks will reset. You will then have to follow Riot's announcements and instructions in order to achieve the new competitive rank based on the future rules to be given.

Question: How do I unlock competitive rank?

Answer: In order to unlock Valorant's ranked mode, officially known as the Competitive mode, you will have to complete 20 different Unranked matches.

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