Learn How to Get 15,000 XP in Fortnite Easily: Disarm the Gnomes and Teddies Challenge

Learn How to Get 15,000 XP in Fortnite Easily: Disarm the Gnomes and Teddies Challenge
Learn How to Get 15,000 XP in Fortnite Easily: Disarm the Gnomes and Teddies Challenge Photo : Screenshot From wolker4 YouTube Channel

The higher your level, the harder it becomes to level up in Fortnite! This is why doing challenges is a great way to keep your character constantly improving aside from just relying on the basic kills to provide you XP.

Aside from the battle between both Shadow and Ghost, there are actually a few new secret challenges that have something to do with gnomes and bears! This is a great way to level up on the down-low instead of competing with everyone else.

In order to accomplish this secret mission and avoid the spotlight, you'll actually have to disarm both the gnomes and even the teddies! This cute challenge shouldn't be too hard but the reward is definitely worth it!

This secret challenge

This particular secret challenge previously came with the new Fortnite update 12.50 and it is part of a bigger event that was announced to take place in the upcoming weeks. Once again, this update actually concerns the rivalry between both the Garden Gnomes and the Teddy Bears.

Your character would have to force both the gnomes and teddies to make peace by disarming both parties. Remember, the conflict between both of them had already been taken on significant proportions ever since the bear HQ had previously been invaded by no other than the gnomes.

Your main mission, if you agree to do it, is to put this small war to an end before it grows even bigger than it already is. Once you complete this challenge, you'll easily get 15,000 XP points as your reward!

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Where to go

The challenge is really easy and you do not have to be an expert in order to accomplish it. You'll have to maneuver all the way to the front line, which is located somewhere northeast of Weeping Woods. After this, you will have to talk to the gnomes and then the teddies in order to disarm both sides of this war.

Once you're done talking to them, Ta-da! You're done! That challenge was one of the easiest challenges in the game and although 15,000 XP is not that easy to earn, this challenge gives it to you right away!

Mini challenges are things you might want to take advantage of because not only are they really easy to accomplish, they also give good enough rewards for the easy tasks that they ask you to do.

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Upcoming secret challenges

The thing with secret challenges, as the name suggests, is that they do not really come out often and you'd have to be extra vigilant to spot these challenges for yourself. If you learned how to disarm the gnomes and teddies, you'll easily learn how to accomplish other secret missions.

Keeping yourself updated online is a great way to become aware of the updates.

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