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[Breaking News] Newark Apartment Bursts in Flames Triggering Three Alarms: Firefighters Injured

By Urian , May 12, 2020 12:01 AM EDT

A fire just recently broke out in Newark, Del. and the fire crews had a hard time battling the raging fire. The fire was big enough to trigger three different alarms at a certain Newark apartment building on Monday night.

The fire happened sometime after 7 pm at a certain apartment building located at 1210 North Barrett Lane over at Newark. Officials stated that the fire was able to reach three alarms before the crews were able to contain it.

The video was shared by the First State Update and it shows heavy flames coming out of the building's roof. There is still no official statement as to the cause of the fire and the exact moment it happened as the situation is still very fresh.

Although the firefighters were able to eventually contain the fire, they still suffered a certain amount of damage. Two of their own firefighters had sustained minor injuries from fighting the fire but the specifics of these injuries have not yet been released to the public.

According to the investigators, the fire took two whole hours to put out. There is still no final statement regarding the residents that were displaced due to this fire.


Fire prevention

With the pandemic global pandemic already on the loose, having another tragedy would just to the already harsh situation. Preventing your homes from possible fires is a safety measure you can make to decrease the risk of fires breaking out.

The first thing you can do is to consult an electrician to make sure that all of your plugs are working and are supplying the right voltages. Ask an electrician to check your wiring along for the possibility of even water hitting the wires which could cause a spark and result in a potential flame breaking out.

The second thing you can do is be more cautious and make it a habit to unplug certain devices that you do not currently need. Although some devices automatically stop receiving electricity even when plugged in, there are still electronics like cell phone or laptop chargers that could pose a potential threat when plugged in.

The third thing you can do is buy adaptors for certain sockets where heavy electricity is required. This may be a more advanced method but if you have heavy electronics like a high HP air condition along with a high powered computer plugged in the same outlet, the outflow of electricity from that outlet might just be too much.

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Keeping safe

Now that everybody is advised to stay at home due to the ongoing pandemic, it is no question of how the inflow of electricity increases. Electricity is only one of the possible causes for fire but it is also one of the possible factors that are within our control.

Control the inflow of electricity by unplugging the devices and electronics that you do not right away to avoid a heavier electricity flow.

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