Shanghai Disneyland Tickets Sold Out in Just a Few Minutes During Re-Opening After Coronavirus Shut Down

By Urian , May 11, 2020 06:01 AM EDT

The Walt Disney Company has decided to open the biggest Asia resort after about a four-month shut down due to the coronavirus. The health authorities of Shanghai have decided to put strict parameters around the opening of this theme park.

Shanghai is a city of 24 million people and the park had to shut down when the pandemic started. Now with the park open, the first batch of visitors went through the gates as early as 9:30 am. 

Although the park's allowance has recently been restricted to its normal 80,000 visitor capacity, the tickets sold out within only a matter of units at about $56. The website announced on Friday and before the day could end, other people could not buy tickets anymore.

The tickets for the weekends were priced at $70. The wonderland's value is estimated at $5.5 billion and their park in Shanghai is considered the biggest among the three Disney land resorts in Asia that have already hosted about 11.8 million visitors last 2018.

The pandemic's effect

The coronavirus chopped off a strong $1.4 billion off of its income due to the company having to shut down the cinemas and theme parks around the world during the three months until March 31 versus the year 2019.

According to a certain Shanghai resident who has already gotten a ticket through the online booking system last Friday, Jenny Kong, because there will be fewer people on the opening day, the participants will be able to better enjoy the rides and freedom without having to be cramped.

Jenny Kong and her mother have decided to be amongst the first batch of people to enter Disneyland once again despite their knowledge of the coronavirus. According to Kong, there was a very fierce competition just for them to get their tickets.

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The theme park has been known around the world as the pride and joy of Disney as the park not only caters to the young but also those young at heart. Aside from the people who come to see Disney characters and experience the world of Walt Disney, the company has also employed a huge number of talents to keep the place afloat.

The skilled actors, performers, operators, and everyone involved in the theme park had to take a break with the ongoing pandemic but now that the park has reopened, the workers are all back to do their job.

Ocean Park has also that it will reopen in September after their CEO announced that their company missed the opportunity to attract 1 million visitors in Hong Kong due to the pandemic.

With only $400million HKD left in the company's bank account, they have to open as soon as possible or go bankrupt without any fresh capital for either expansion or just keeping themselves afloat.

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