[Video] Outrageous Mercedes Benz Owner Demands Ambulance Helping a Limping Patient to Move Out of His Way

A parked emergency ambulance on Hogarth Road had its lightbar on and was helping a limping patient get in it when a Mercedes Benz driver started yelling at the paramedics for blocking the road.

A driver within the vicinity of the scene caught a video of the dispute between the Mercedes Benz driver and the paramedics helping a limping patient in the ambulance. In the video, the Mercedes Benz driver, unaware of someone taking a video of him, was seen taking a video of his argument with the paramedics.

It was heard and seen in the video that the other driver made that Mercedes Benz driver was complaining heatedly to the paramedics of the inconvenience the stationary ambulance was causing on the road.

Appalled by the behavior, the Mercedes Benz driver was showing; the other driver concluded that the Mercedes Benz driver is, apparently, an "a******" according to an article from Daily Star. The driver then proceeded to rant on how much of a fool the Mercedes Benz driver was because the man was driving a prestigious and elegant looking car. 

The Prestige of the Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is considered one of the largest and most successful car manufacturing corporations that advocates for both luxury and efficiency. Mercedes Benz believes that the whole corporation advocates for sustainability. Sustainability generates value for its stakeholders. To own a Mercedes Benz, one must be able to have a considerable amount of money in his/her bank account to be able to buy one. 

According to London Canada, the law requires every vehicle to give way to any emergency vehicle in sight. Vehicles must move to the right side of the road to let emergency vehicles like ambulances pass through the street freely. Moreover, they must be in a standstill position to allow these kinds of vehicles to pass through any possible traffic that obstructs their protocol fully.

In addition to this, they must do it in a way that will allow other vehicles to follow suit. This means giving other vehicles space to move to the side so that the ambulance can pass through.

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A Law for the Assaulted

bill in London passed in 2018 gives light to the issue of people assaulting emergency service workers. The government will be stricter with the penalties given to anyone who attacks and deters the work of emergency service workers. According to London Ambulance Service, during 2017-2018, the staff was assaulted a total of 477 times.

London Ambulance Service's Chief Executive, Garrett Emmerson, states that it is intolerable behavior to assault the staff of any ambulance service. Moreover, it was noted that the London Ambulance Service staff is only doing its job of helping and caring for patients with urgent needs whenever an emergency is underway.

It was also mentioned that the London Ambulance Service welcomes the bill with open arms. This is to ensure that its staff is well-protected and for any emergency service to run as smoothly as it can without any other distractions.

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