Could Black Panther and Get Out's Star Daniel Kaluuya be Playing the Next DC Black Batman?

Black Panther's Daniel Kaluuya is rumored to be playing DC's Black Batman, could this be true? Many anonymous sources have started to build upon the rumor that Marvel's Black Panther's Daniel Kaluuya could possibly play DC's Black Batman until finally reaching We Got This Covered reporting that Warner Brothers along with DC Films have certain designs on making this Elseworlds-style film that should show a brand new black version of Batman. The rumor also said that they have an actor in mind as we speak.

The rumored actor is Daniel Kaluuya, a British heavyweight thespian who already knows his way around the whole comic book adaptation. The star has already appeared as a certain supervillain known as Black Death in the previous Kick-Ass 2 launched in 2013 and as W'Kabi in the recent Black Panther launched in 2018.

The actor is also recognized for his previous leading role in Get Out in 2017, which was directed by Jordan Peele. Other performances include Bingham Madsen back in "Fifteen Million Merits," which is one of the best and most brutal episodes in the series known as Black Mirror.

Daniel Kaluuya as Batman

There is no doubt that the actor could give an amazing version of Batman since he has already shown both the physique and acting abilities needed for this role. The whole idea of a Batman story that is set outside of the entire DCEU's main continuity could be quite interesting. Taking the Joker as an example, there is still no way to connect other films from this label, which has also been nailed by a lot of critics as the "best films" of the previous year, according to a YouTube video from Looper.

The video also described the possibility as "highly skeptical." Fans are still led on by the precedent for a certain black version of the whole Dark Knight in the comics. DC Comics also gives fans a black hero Batwing, who is a Bruce Wayne-sanctioned crimefighter that is operating in a certain fictional city known as Tinasha, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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The character was introduced into the Batman Incorporated, which is a certain series that saw Wayne trying to boost and franchise the Batman symbol by training multiple operatives to carry his strong legacy and strike fear into the very hearts of criminals that come from all over the world.

Daniel Kaluuya as Batman

Although the thought of Daniel Kaluuya as the new Batwing in an alternate Batman universe is interesting, the authenticity of this rumor has not yet been confirmed. Information that could disprove its existence would be the fact that there is still no official statement from DC about this film, and with Robert Pattinson confirmed to be playing the next Batman, another film, if confirmed, could take a while to make.

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