PS5 Shows Confidence Despite Xbox Series X Being "More Powerful"

As Microsoft releases its latest Xbox Series X console, Sony is confident in the future sales of the PS5. The PS5 is said to be released during the holiday season this year 2020. Despite all the talk of the future release of the PS5, not much has been revealed about the physical appearance, cost, and the games that will be featured in the PS5, as seen in PlayStation's announcement in their official website.

There have been pictures of the gamepad of the PS5 and an inside look at the internal structure of the whole device. Moreover, Sony just ran a game engine demo on the PS5. However, besides all that, the PS5 remains a mystery as Sony is continually working on its development.

The Tale of Two Gaming Consoles: PS5 vs Xbox Series X

PlayStation is a brand made possible by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)Sony is a global corporation that produces and manufactures digital devices. They are most famous for their creation of PlayStation.

Sony is considered to be a global leader in the digital entertainment industry and its influence on PlayStation makes it a well-loved series of gaming consoles in every region of the world. Sony manufactures not only gaming consoles but also VR devices, video players, and music players.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is an institute directly under Sony Corporation and has its main office in San Mateo, California. Additionally, it has offices in London and Tokyo. Xbox, on the other hand, is a brand made possible by Microsoft.  Microsoft is a global corporation that provides computer softwares and start-up kits for documents used for personal and business ordeals. They are responsible for the creation of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, and the Xbox. 

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Microsoft Office is a series of applications wherein people can write up documents, create visual presentations for personal and business purposes, and organize their personal and work schedule. These applications feature Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook.

Microsoft Windows, on the contrary, is a computer software that acts as an operating system in a computer or laptop device. Microsoft Windows comes with a list of applications installed directly into a device to perform specific tasks that computers were designed for. Lastly, the Xbox is a series of gaming consoles under Microsoft.

A Competitive Nature: Xbox One or PlayStation 4

As Microsoft is considered to be a global corporation, its influence on the Xbox has made it into a well-loved series of gaming consoles in every region of the world, very much like the PlayStation. Popular Mechanics created an article on which gaming console is better: Xbox One or PlayStation 4. For years, ever since the rise of gaming consoles, a debate between which gaming console is better has been a constant topic for gamers around the world.

Because of the worldwide influence of both the PlayStation and Xbox, the two series of gaming consoles exhibit a competitive nature in terms of sales and production. Moreover, both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X will be featuring games that are distinct to PlayStation and Xbox separately, just like the PS4 and the Xbox One.

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