How to Get Unlimited Gold in Civilization VI: 2k Games DLC New Frontier Pass with Maya & Gran Colombia Pack

The esteemed publisher known as 2k Games has recently announced that the very first DLC expansion for the popular Sid Meier's Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass, titled both the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, is finally available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and even Xbox.

Civilization VI: 2k Games DLC New Frontier Pass  

This expansion pack is said to feature a whole lot of content including two different leaders known as the Lady Sky of Maya civilization along with Simoon Bolivar of Gran Colombia. Both of these leaders come with an additional Apocalypse game mode, extra resources, new natural wonders, and even a few additional city-states.

Along with these cityscapes are places like Lahore, Singapore, Vatican City, Caguana, and even more. The Maya & Gran Colombia Pack is said to also include different natural wonders just like Paititi and even the Fountain of Youth.

The largest addition to the new Civilization VI expansion pack is actually the strong Apocalypse mode. This is said to introduce whole new types of disasters just like the Solar Flare that can cause forest fires and also Comet Impacts that also result in meteor showers. These additions come with increasing sizes of the already existing disasters.

In addition, the Apocalypse mode actually adds the new Soothsayer support military unit that is able to trigger natural disasters and even a scored competition that also allows you to sacrifice certain units to volcanoes. The Gathering Storm expansion is needed for you to be able to play the new Apocalypse mode.

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Civilization VI: unlimited money cheat & game hack

When you are trading with the AI, it is necessary to give any strategic or even luxury resources and do this as much per turn. After repeatedly doing this, click the "what will you give me for this?" option. This should trigger the AI to give huge amounts of both gold and gold per turn just for the specific resource.

Another hack involves providing everything that the AI needs and even start putting gold (not gold per turn) until the AI accepts this deal. Do this until you are almost at the required amount and click the "make this trade equitable" option. This will then break the AI into asking an amount of gold per turn that is proportional to how close you actually were to the real price!

The glitch is also said to be usable in multiplayer matches that will also include AI. The glitch is reported to work on the unpatched version of the game. In order to activate this glitch, avoid installing new patches or delete existing ones.

Sadly, this cheat is not compatible with the New Frontier Pass patch and other passes but only with the original Civilization VI. The games New Frontier Pass is said to retail for $40, while the new Maya & Gran Colombia pack is said to be purchasable for $9 each.

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