Fortnite's New Competition Crucible by Amazon Guide: Learn How to Choose Your Heroes

Amazon Games, a video game extension of the online shopping empire Amazon, has just released its newest game: Crucible. Crucible is a third-person shooter (or TPS) action game. Central themes of the game are survival and control.

Players will have to work with their teammates to eliminate alien creatures, accomplish objectives, and take down the enemy team to claim victory. Amazon Games has released 10 hunters. These hunters are the characters played in Crucible. Every hunter exhibits a distinct fighting style. These fighting styles include close combat (e.g. axes) and long-range combat (e.g. guns).

How to play Crucible

The various fighting styles of hunters are options for the players to choose from so that each player can utilize a hunter in accordance to the player's preferred fighting style. Moreover, each hunter has a distinct set of abilities in which a player can utilize to his/her advantage. Also, all of the hunters have a shared goal of collecting Essence.

Essence is a material on the planet that has extraordinary properties. It is, however, scarce on the planet in which the competition for obtaining Essence is brutal, as mentioned in Crucible's frontpage. Players can obtain Essence from the creatures on the planet and the enemy players that they eliminate. They can also collect Essence by completing objectives.

Moreso, Essence is used to level up the hunters in the game. As players select their hunters in the initial matchmaking screen, they are given a chance to choose upgrades and customize their hunters however they like.

From there, the teams of hunters are deposited into different areas in the map terrain. The teams will then explore the map terrain and accomplish their objectives. There are three game modes for Crucible: Heart of the Hives, Alpha Hunters, and Harvester Command.

The moment Amazon Games released Crucible, it launched a pre-season for the game. The pre-season will be eight weeks long. This will grant players the chance to explore the game and understand its inner workings.

Crucible is out in the NA server and will be released to players all around the world in due time. Crucible's official Twitter page will keep interested people updated.

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The Difference Between Fortnite and Crucible

As mentioned above, Crucible is a TPS action game. Fortnite is also a TPS action game, considering that it's generally a battle royale game. The games are also featured in a post-apocalyptic world wherein humanity has disappeared and the few surviving have to fight their way to the top. However, the similarities stop there. Crucible is a team-based game of hunters fighting to stay alive against in-game creatures and eliminate the enemy team.  

Fortnite, on the other hand, is a battle royale game wherein players are dropped into an island wherein they will all fight to the death until a sole player emerges victorious. In retrospect, Crucible and Fortnite are similar in terms of appearance. The gameplay of both games is inherently different.

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