Civilization 6 Pro Tips and Tricks You Need to Know Before Downloading It Free on Epic Games

Civilization 6 is getting even more popular these days with the New Frontier Pass just around the corner. This strategy game has not been updated for a while but ever since the new patches, it seems like there'll be a lot more competition.

Here are 6 different Civilization 6  tips and tricks you need to know before getting the game for free on Epic Games:

Pick the right leader

Different leaders have different styles and choosing the right one could possibly catapult you to victory. Some leaders are more fit for aggressive gameplay while others are more fit for stable gameplay. It is also very important to assess if you are more focused on getting rich or advancing to the next year.

Some players want the quick game while others would rather enjoy every bit of the journey. Some leaders will help players advance faster while others will help players solidify their civilization faster.

Don't forget your army

A lot of people focus too much on advancement that they forget that Civilization 6 is still a war game which means that your army still does matter. Although you may feel like attacks don't always happen, you'd be surprised.

Never neglect your army. Although it may be tempting to only focus on building your city and focusing your resources on advancement, you could still lose the game if everything is destroyed.

Learn the trade routes

Making money is important but making money efficiently still hits the spot. Learn which trade routes or different techniques using those trade routes make you more money. Once you've found the right trade route for you, use it!

Utilize certain techniques you've built along the way in order to make your trade more efficient.


Diversification is the key to a better civilization. Yeah, it may look better to have one uniform civilization but there are certain benefits in diversification. Of course, pick out the ones that work great together.

Try to prioritize growth instead of style.

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Make friends

City-states can be great allies and this will give you a huge advantage later on. You might be surprised how useful your allies can be in dire times of need. It is not a waste of time building connections with neighboring city-states.

Always try to make allies with the right neighboring city-states. It will help a lot later on in the game.

Find the right timing to send settlers out

Don't send out settlers during times of need and when you are desperate. You don't have to get everything done as fast as possible. Sometimes it's better to be patient while building your civilization.

Play the game at your own pace and don't try to speed things up in a way that would just add stress. Civilization 6 is meant to be enjoyed.

Stat tuned for more free games to download from Epic Games!

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