Video of Bill Gates Speaking About Coronavirus 5 Years Ago Reignites Conspiracy Theories in Africa

By Urian , May 28, 2020 09:49 AM EDT

Conspiracies on Bill Gates have scattered through the internet. This is because of the things Gates has been doing during the coronavirus pandemic. Fast Company mentioned that a pastor by the name Adam Fannin had been allegedly claiming that the coronavirus vaccine that Bill Gates and his Microsoft team is creating and conducting research on will be used to lessen the world population.

Microsoft's Bill Gates

Moreover, Fannin mentioned that Bill Gates and the Microsoft team would be working on devices that carry digital certificates and dot tattoos that will serve as identification markers of people who are diagnosed positive with the COVID-19 virus. These devices will be implanted inside people, much like the predictions on the Antichrist activities.

As stated in the article, Fannin created false allegations towards the doings of Bill Gates and Microsoft. South China Morning Post also stated that African conspiracy theorists have also expressed their opinions online, including a politician from Kenya.

Because of this, misinformation has been widespread across the internet and false allegations through online posts have fueled the widespread misinformation on Gates's contributions to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Sonko, a governor from Africa, brought up a video of Bill Gates discussing global pandemic and how Gates warned people of the possibility of a worldwide health crisis. The caption of the video stated that the Bill Gates video was released in 2015.

Sonko released the video on Facebook and gained millions of views. Since the video was recorded in 2015, Bill Gates did not mention the coronavirus specifically. He just said that there was a possibility of a global pandemic.

Because of this video and other similar platforms in which Bill Gates has discussed the possibility of a global health crisis, Bill Gates became a central topic to conspiracy theorists whether Gates has anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bill Gates's Warning

A Netflix show by the name Coronavirus Explained explains a general overview of the COVID-19 virus. The show discusses the different possibilities when threats of an infectious disease transpire and the things that will happen when a global pandemic happens.

One of the prominent figures that were interviewed for his take on the threat of infectious diseases spreading globally was Bill Gates. The interview can be read in Vox. Bill Gates stated in the interview that he saw the idea of a global health crisis coming. He has expressed through his TED talks and various interviews about this issue and people have fallen short on taking Gates's statements seriously.

NBC News reported that Bill Gates had funded the research on the coronavirus vaccine in Microsoft's very own research laboratories. Millions of dollars were invested in the research of the coronavirus vaccine. This is to help in the combat against the global pandemic known as the COVID-19 virus.

The supercomputers of Microsoft and Microsoft's research experts and scientists will be the frontline regiment of the research on the coronavirus pandemic in Microsoft's research laboratories. Moreover, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, have donated $125 million using the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as its platform.

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