COVID-19 Has Now Killed More People in the US than the Mercedes Benz Stadium Can Hold Yet Many Still Party Ignoring Social Distancing

Coronavirus has killed  nearly 100,000 people in the United States alone. This is much more people than the famous Mercedes Benz Superdome located in New Orleans Saints can hold. The stadium is only capable of holding a seating capacity of a little more than 74,000 which is still 3/4ths of the total deaths from COVID-19.

Football stadium

A post from Facebook explained that the biggest stadium that the person who posted went to was the famous football Tiger Stadium all the way in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The account then explained that the person attended LSU from about 2005-2010 and that the place was jam-packed from the ground all the way up.

The post explained that if you try to imagine every single Tiger fan in that certain place replaced by a relative like your beloved grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, siblings, and even family of friends it becomes very hard.

The post says imagine if they all died with COVID-19. The point of the post was that it is hard to imagine the gravity of the situation unless you think about how your family and friends could be affected by the ongoing pandemic. Instead of just the boredom it caused, think of the reality that more than 100,000 people have already died from the virus.

Coronavirus Missouri party

Vacationers have started to make their way into the Lake of the Ozarks during the holiday weekend purposely flouting social distancing guidelines as the people start to pack their yacht clubs, resort pools, and even outdoor bars all in the Missouri tourist hot spot.

It is said that Missouri has already reported 11,700 cases of the deadly coronavirus along with 676 confirmed deaths. There are certain pictures and videos circulating social media showing the gravity of how carefree people are eating and drinking during the pandemic while ignoring social distancing.

The strong stay-at-home order actually expired back on May 3 with the government saying that certain businesses which include large venues could finally resume their service as after being ordered to close during social distancing.

The state guidelines still included certain social distancing laws to be followed. Despite the ongoing pandemic a lot of reopened hotels and resorts actually told the local media that they were completely fully booked throughout the weekend.

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Social media evidence


There are multiple videos and pictures uploaded to the internet but a certain post on Twitter was actually able to capture the situation. The post shows a pool jam-packed with people and despite the state's social distancing guidelines, it seemed that these measures weren't properly observed.

The coronavirus has already claimed nearly 100,000 people in the United States alone while the Mercedes Benz Stadium only holds 74,000. Imagine a full packed stadium and more, that's how many people have died of COVID-19.

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