Jon "Bones" Jones Says He's Giving Up UFC Title After "Not Being Paid Enough": Dana White Says Fighter Demands Up to $30 Million!

By Urian , Jun 01, 2020 11:31 AM EDT

UFC's very own Jon "Bones" Jones recently tweeted, saying that he is giving up his hard-earned UFC title due to certain pay disputes. In a tweet by Jon Jones, the fighter quoted the famous saying by Marcus Aurelius, "I came, I saw, I conquered," otherwise known as "veni, vidi, vici."

When asked if the fighter was officially giving up his UFC title, the fighter replied with a simple tweet, "yes." What could have been the cause behind the fighter giving up the hard-earned UFC that almost every other fighter within the ring envies?

Jon "Bones" Jones Demands

When one of the entire 2.3 million Twitter followers replied to Jones' decision to quit saying that the fighter was doing more damage to himself than the UFC, Jones replied saying that he hurts himself every single time he walks out there and takes punches to the head despite feeling that his pay is not even worth it anymore.

The 32-year-old fighter Jon Jones has openly been eyeing a certain fight with the heavyweight Francis Ngannou, but then said that the UFC did not give in to his request and did not want to pay him enough money. According to the UFC President Dana White, the fighter wanted to be paid a "cray" amount of money demanding that the UFC pay him $15 million, then $20 million, then $30 million!

Dana White said to the media that Jon Jones could do whatever he wants to do, and it is entirely up to him if he wants to sit out, fight, or do whatever he wants. The statement by White was released on Saturday night after an event in Las Vegas.

Dana White also said that Jon Jones could say whatever the fighter wants publicly and that it is his God-given right in the land of America, and when the fighter is ready to come back, "he can."

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Dana White

Dana White seems to be understanding when it came to the demands of Jon Jones, even when the fighter asked for huge amounts of money at an untimely situation with the ongoing pandemic.

The ongoing pandemic has hurt the economy with people from different sectors of the entertainment business losing jobs here and there. Despite how Jon Jones felt about not being paid enough, the timing of his requests has been a bit off.

The UFC is continuing despite the ongoing pandemic, but this time, it is under strict measures that make conducting fights much harder than they used to be. The strict measures have been implemented not just for the safety of the fighters, but everyone within the industry.

The ongoing pandemic has affected many lives, and luckily, it has not yet stepped foot into the UFC ring.

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