iOS 7: Top 3 jailbreak tweaks-inspired features we want from Apple

By Anu Passary , Jun 09, 2013 10:08 AM EDT

With Apple's WWDC 2013 knocking at the doorstep, the excitement for what's in store for iFans is quite palpable. Speculations are rife that Apple will unveil its latest operating system - iOS 7.

The recent banners with "7" written on them put up at the venue seem to hint at the impending announcement as well. iOS 7 is anticipated to bring several new features and improvements users' way and for all we know, the OS may take some inspiration from the plethora of jailbreak tweaks available.

We take a look at the top three features we want Apple to bring in iOS 7, features inspired from jailbreak tweaks.

1. Call/Message blocking

This feature is available on several Android-powered devices and we see no reason why iOS should not benefit from the same. There are times when we want to avoid calls or messages from random people and having the facility to block them from gaining access to you is quite a boon.

If you've jailbroken your iDevice then you may be familiar with a tweak called iBlackList. This app, as the name suggests, allows users to block any unwanted phone calls, FaceTime calls and text messages. One simply has to enter the phone number or email address of the id they want to block and the work is done. The app also lets users block those who are not on their contact list.

Apple would do well to incorporate such a handy feature in iOS 7 to make things hassle-free for users.

2. Quick Reply

A feature like Quick Reply for messages is one that iDevice users would welcome immensely. Imagine no more going into the Messages app every time you receive a text. With the Quick Reply feature at users' disposal, no more closing whatever you're doing on your iOS device before you can access the message.

One of the best jailbreak tweaks that imbibes the Quick Reply feature is biteSMS. It is pretty popular with jailbreakers who want to compose messages in a jiffy from anywhere and are also able to reply to messages without leaving the screen they're working on. 

3. Faster access to system toggles

Imagine if you need to turn on your Bluetooth on your iDevice you would need to navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > On. While the three-step process is not really moving a mountain, it is still a tad tedious. By contrast, most Android smartphones let you access the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi settings by simply pulling down the Notification Center.

Apple could take a cue from the jailbreak tweak SBSettings or NCSettings which enables access to several system toggles by simply pulling down the Notification center.

Apple could introduce this practical feature that has been hankered after by iOS users.

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