[Leak] The Classic Brothers In Arms Franchise Is Coming Back?

The Brothers in Arms franchise was initially published by Ubisoft. It was a unique FPS game for its time until its latest entry in the series, Hell's Highway. Gearbox has owed a sequel to the franchise's fans ever since then. But in 2011, the drama around the canceled Furious 4 game caused the Brothers in Arms franchise to be buried for a long time.

It has been a significant amount of time since the last main installment in the Brother in Arms saga, but numerous hints say that the series' revival is coming.

Early Information On Brothers In Arms 4

The pre-production of the next game seems to have begun in 2015. At the time, the CEO of Gearbox Entertainment Randy Pitchford said that the game was in its early stages of development. They were aiming for the next game to be authentic, unlike the canceled Furious 4 game.

In October 2016, the SAG-AFTRA strike happened, which revealed a few leaked games. The list of leaked games included a new Brothers in Arms game.

Authentic details of the game weren't heard until E3 2017 when Pitchford confirmed Gearbox was developing a new Brothers in Arms game. He said it would be authentic, that it would feature Sgt. Matt Baker, and that a label from Gearbox would be publishing it. The statement led to the reveal that Ubisoft wasn't working on the franchise and that Gearbox Publishing would be the publisher.

On Twitter in 2018, Randy Pitchford gave out a huge update on the development of the game. He responded to an inquiry on Brothers in Arms 4 by saying that they have awesome technology, content, and gameplay. However, they couldn't get a story nailed down, which is what they were waiting on before officially announcing the game.

After that update, Randy Pitchford halted with sharing details on the game. The only response he would give when asked about the new game was telling people that they aren't ready to announce anything about it.

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Recent Information On Brothers In Arms 4

Then in early 2019, Randy Pitchford responded to a question saying they're working on something and that he looks forward to when it's ready to be shared.

Not long after that, Borderlands 3 was announced. Fans of Brothers in Arms were saddened that it wasn't a new installment in their favorite franchise. Randy Pitchford stopped sharing anything about Brothers in Arms 4 until next year.

After Borderlands 3's launch on New Year's Day 2020, Randy Pitchford ended his silence by responding to an article that IGN published titled "I miss the Brothers in Arms series." The response he gave was "Same."

Late April of 2020, there was significant news making its rounds. The Brothers in Arms series will be getting a television series adaptation as announced by Gearbox. It would be produced by a few of the producers of Band of Brothers and it would be set in WW2's Operation Tiger.

Why would they revive the title of a franchise that hasn't seen the light of day in more than a decade? They must be working on something. It's hopefully going to be the new installment fans have been waiting for.

The final hint we have so far is that Randy Pitchford tweeted this last month in response to a fan asking how gameplay and combat will evolve in Brothers in Arms:

Nothing else is known so far. Hopefully, since they finished working on Borderlands 3, they will focus on working on Brothers in Arms 4.

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