How To Get Overcooked For Free And Beginner Tips To Become The Best Cook In The Game

By Jared N. , Jun 05, 2020 03:19 AM EDT

The classic couch co-op cooking game Overcooked is now the free game this week on the Epic Games Store. Overcooked was developed by the team at Ghost Town Games.You can pick up Overcooked for free and keep it permanently right now until 11 AM EDT on June 11.

It is replacing last week's free game Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. A few of the previous games that were free in past weeks were Grand Theft Auto 5 and Sid Meier's Civilization 6. 

Overcooked came out in 2016, but it has a sequel that came out in recent years. The first game is still a fun game to play.

Up to four players control a chef in diverse frenzied kitchens while you navigate it to prepare and serve meals to your clamorous customers. The game is very fun, but also very stress-inducing.

Are you looking to play with your family or friends? You need to have lots of patience. You can only get Overcooked for free on the Epic Games Store, which is exclusively for Windows PC. So if you want to play it on a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, then you have to pay for it.

Why Are Epic Games Giving The Game Away For Free?

The Epic Games Store has been giving away games every week ever since last year. The platform has been giving away highly prominent games for free as part of the Mega Sale. This is the Mega Sale's last week and it ends on June 11, so the same day Overcooked stops being free.

Aside from the weekly free games, the Mega Sale is, of course, a sale. You will find high discounts that reach up to 75% off many games on the store.

When Overcooked isn't free anymore on June 11, another game will become the weekly free game. No one knows what the free game next week will be, aside from Epic Games themselves. When it stops being free, it will go back to its original price.

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How To Become A Pro At Overcooked

Here are some simple beginner tips on how you can become a pro chef in Overcooked.

If you're about to dump contents of a pot intoa dish, you can use the dish to retrieve what's in the pot instead. This will make it easier to keep the pot free for you to add new ingredients.

Don't forget that stove tops can heat up pans too, and not only pots. Sometimes, you'll be able to use a single burner for two cooking utensils. So if you're physically separated from parts of the kitchen, this will help you quite a bit.

If a counter starts to shift around while you're cutting food on it, you can keep on cutting by holding the cut button down while moving against the counter's direction.

When you're playing in the ice world, you can sprint on the slippery floors to propel yourself over gaps that you wouldn't be able to walk over normally.

Don't put dirty plates in the sink one at a time. Wait until they pile up so you can move them to the sink as one stack.

If rats are bothering you, keep food inside a pot or pan. Pots and pans are shield against rats, so it would help if you keep pots or pans next to your cutting boards. This layout will let you drop food immediately into the pot or pan, where a rat can't reach it.

Rolled pizza dough, tortillas, and buns can act as a temporary plate so that you can drop ingredients on them if you can't access a plate yet.

Stay Tune for more Overcooked news and updates!

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