Warner Bros Japan Will Host Virtual Event 'Stay Connected With Anime' Next Month: Here's Where to Watch

Conventions that were planned to happen this year have all been shut down because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, Warner Bros. Japan has made an announcement that will pique the interest of anime fans.

Warner Bros. Japan announced that they will be holding a special virtual event for those who love anime, and they are calling it Stay Connected with Anime. They will be holding this virtual streaming event at 10:00 PM EST on July 3. Here is a link to a countdown so you can know exactly when it will be starting.

All You Need To Know About The Stay Connected With Anime Virtual Event

You will be able to watch the event on Warner Bros. Japan Anime's YouTube channel, both Crunchyroll YouTube channels, and on the Anime Expo YouTube channel. The most exciting part of all of this is what the event seems to have in store for fans.

There will be special guests starring in this virtual event. The guests will be staff and cast from three prominent anime shows, Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, Is It Wrong To Try to Pick Up Girl in a Dungeon?, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

What they'll be revealing and talking about regarding those three anime titles is a mystery, but it is still exciting to fans of these animes to see what they could be getting sometime soon.

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Why Is Warner Bros. Japan Holding A Virtual Event?

The reason why they decided to hold a virtual event is simple. Anime Exp 2020 was canceled because of health and safety concerns thanks to the global pandemic happening. Warner Bros. Japan doesn't want to leave out the overseas anime fans who won't be able to attend the planned panel if they wanted to.

Warner Bros. Japan hasn't given out any confirmation of any major news related to the three series they mentioned being announced, but fans are hoping they will give good news.

If you're interested in watching the event when it happens, here are direct links to the channels mentioned above: Warner Bros. Japan Youtube channel, Crunchyroll YouTube channel, Crunchyroll Collection YouTube channel, and Anime Expo YouTube channel.

The three series that they mentioned is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind since it doesn't have any ongoing projects, and it has nothing that's been delayed by the pandemic. Fans are wondering what it could be, and they think it might be the next part of the famous JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. However, we can't know for sure until the event happens.

If you're going to be tuning into Warner Bros. Japan's Stay Connected with Anime virtual event, ensure that you keep your eyes on the three major series mentioned above. If you do, you might be one of the first to hear about big news.

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