The Reason For PlayStation 5's Bulky Size Has Been Revealed [It's Not Because it Has Big Components]

The upcoming video game console from Sony, the PlayStation 5, seems like it's going to be the biggest one that we'll have ever. The bulky size of the console isn't because of how big its components are, but it's because of how much heat the console makes.

PlayStation 5 on its side
(Photo : Sony)

When Sony revealed the PlayStation 5's design, the size of the next-gen video game console surprised the audience greatly. It was thinner than the competitor's console, the Xbox Series X, but the PS5 is significantly taller. It's bigger than the PlayStation 3, which used to be joked as being similar to a vacuum cleaner quite often.

People who buy the PS5 will be able to stand the PS5 up or lay it flat on its ground. Whichever way they have the console, it's going to be consuming lots of space. Even if this futuristic-looking console has curves that hide its general shape, it's still going to be enormous.

The PlayStation 5 And The Dissipation Of Heat

When you first think about a console being bulky, you might think that it's because of the hardware inside. Most people would think that if something is bigger, it has more power. But the truth isn't as simple as you may think.

The truth behind the size of the console isn't the components' size, but it's the heat that these components generate.

According to VG247, the PlayStation 5's bulky measurements is because of the high temperatures the components generate.

PlayStation's VP of UX Design, Matt MacLaurin, is the source of this information, and he shared this information about the PlayStation 5 on LinkedIn. Among the information MacLaurin shared, the insides of the PlayStation 5 could be compared to a minuscule supercomputer. A supercomputer has the best of the best technology and it would generate immense heat, which is why they made the console as bulky as they have it.

PlayStation 5 appearance
(Photo : Sony)

The PlayStation 5 needs to get rid of all that heat so it doesn't melt itself or degrade its electronic components.

So we know the PlayStation 5 runs extremely hot, and that they need to get rid of that heat or else something bad could happen to the console. Sony wants to avoid what Microsoft's Xbox 360 experienced with its Red Ring of Death. To keep any electronic system alive, it is essential to manage the heat.

Many gamers love to spend hours upon hours playing video games, which means the video game console they're playing will need to handle that much use without heating up too much and then overheating. Protecting the user experience and keeping gamers happily playing is the reason the console has an immense size.

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Is A PlayStation 5 Going To Receive A Slim Edition?

The information shared by MacLaurin warns that their technology is new and it generates so much heat that they need all the room they can get to dissipate the heat. This statement points to the possibility that they might release a slim edition of the PS5 once they find out how to manage the heat better.

Every PlayStation that has released has eventually received an upgraded version that's significantly slimmer. It might take a few years, but eventually, Sony will release a PlayStation 5 Slim or whatever they'll call it. The current
PlayStation 5 we see today is only the beginning. It's inevitable for a slim version to arrive.

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