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How to Watch EA Play Live: Star Wars, A Way Out, Brothers, and More

By Urian , Jun 19, 2020 02:04 AM EDT

In reference to an article by Engadget, one of the most well-known and prominent video game companies in the world, EA (Electronic Arts, Inc.), has created a brand new online event called EA Play Live 2020This new digital event by EA was created because of the cancelled annual showcase event of the company due to the global health pandemic known as the coronavirus.

How to watch EA Play Live

The live event starts at 7:00 PM (ET) in the popular video platform Youtube and the live stream platform TwitchA video by Engadget was displayed in the source article, discussing the plans of EA and the news the video game company has stated in the event.

The event's goal is to reveal the newest games that EA will be releasing soon, ranging from small games to long-awaited games that many fandoms have been dying to try out.

The CEO of EA, Inc., Andrew Wilson, stated his opening remarks in the start of the EA Play Live June 2020 video. The video can be found on EA's official website.


Before the video discussed the new games that EA would be releasing for the next few years, Wilson took a moment to thank the frontliners and medical staff for their hard work during these hard times.

He stated that this year 2020 had been a difficult year, starting with the bushfires that occurred in Australia to the global health pandemic we all know as the coronavirus. Moreover, he expressed his gratitude to the staff of EA for persevering in working hard from home in the midst of the pandemic. 

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Upcoming games by Electronic Arts

The to-be-released games of EA will not be possible without the teams that worked hard for these games. After Andrew Wilson concluded his opening remarks, the floor was passed to Kinda Funny Games host Greg Miller.

Miller formally introduced the EA Play Live June 2020 online event, stating that EA brings its customers and clients a big online event that will officially announce exciting new games into the roster of EA's wide selection of games.

Not only were new games shown in the event, but official trailers for many new EA games were featured in the EA Play Live June 2020 event. Old favorites also paid the event a visit, establishing the consistency that EA has in its games. The Kinda Funny Games host stated that Star Wars fans must be ecstatic because EA will be releasing a new Star Wars game called Star Wars: Squadrons.

The newest Star Wars game will be released in many video game consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. It can also be played using a computer device. A brand new game that was developed by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out will also be released by EA.

The EA Play Live June 2020 online event also showcased one of its most famous games, Apex Legends, and discussed the new features that will be incorporated into the game.

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