[Hack] Animal Crossing: New Horizon's KFC Location: How to Win 8 Piece-Bucket of Chicken

The verified Twitter account of KFC Philippines posted a statement that confirms that the fast-food chain has released a version of itself into the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game.

Displayed in the first part of the source is a picture of a KFC-themed kitchen with an animated character version of the popular fast-food icon Colonel Sanders. Burners with pans and a kettle were cooking away in the background and a retro-looking kitchen island sits in the middle of the KFC-themed kitchen. 

A water dispenser, two large refrigerators, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a stand mixer, and kitchen ovens decorated various parts of the kitchen. In the middle of it all, the adorable Colonel Sanders stands proud in the KFC kitchen.

KFC brand location in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

A video was attached to the tweet statement of KFC Philippines, showing a preview of the Animal Crossing island dedicated to the prominent fast food joint.


In the video, an animated Colonel Sanders wanders around in his island, exploring the many different aspects of the KFC restaurant and the other parts of the island.

The KFC character is also seen playing the xylophone in a hip area of the island with a cozy, Hawaiian beach theme. Colonel Sanders was also seen frolicking around on the mini-island initials of the word "KFC."

The caption of the KFC Philippines tweet mentions its official branching into the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game and that, if anyone has the simulation game, there is a chance for them to be part of the lucky guests in the island.

KFC encourages people to await their chance to get inside the island by waiting for the personal invitation link of KFC. According to NME, players of the video game will be given a chance to win an 8-piece bucket of KFC's famous fried chicken when they enter the contests set by KFC.

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How to Win 8 Pieces of Chicken

To win an 8-piece bucket of KFC's fried chicken, one must explore every crevice of the KFC-themed island in Animal Crossings: New Horizons to find Colonel Sanders.

However, this is only applicable to people who are given invitation links by KFC Philippines on their official Twitter page. When a person does get the invitation link, that person must search for KFC's most iconic character. This is no easy task, however, because Colonel Sanders only shows up on the island at specific time durations within a day's worth in the game.

Once he is found, players will receive a specific code from him. This code will be flashed on the screen and the real-life players of the Animal Crossings game must take a screenshot of this code. Once the screenshot is made, that player must send the picture to the official Twitter page of KFC Philippines. 

The social media strategist of the Twitter page will then review the screenshot and, if all is well, the player will receive his/her 8-piece bucket of fried chicken. One can only acquire the bucket from KFC Philippines stores.

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