Leaked PS5 Factory Image Shows The True Size Of Sony's Latest Console

A leaked image that's been going around the internet shows a man in a factory holding what seems to be the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 is Sony's upcoming video game console, which the design of was unveiled fairly recently but no one knew it's true size.

The leaked image of the video game console looks like it was taken in the factory itself.

This is our first look at a real-life PS5 and not a render of it. However, this may be all for naught if this leaked photo turns out to be unauthentic.

The Absolute Unit Of A PS5

The PlayStation 5 is as large as the torso of the person holding the console. The big size of the console has a purpose behind it, which will be explained below.

It's a certainty to claim that the PS5 is going to be taller than the Xbox Series X, and it'll be taller than every video game console released and announced so far.

If you're planning on getting a PS5, ensure that you have enough space for the console since it will take up a lot of vertical and horizontal space.

The reason for the PlayStation 5 being as big as it was made to be is that it needs to get rid of all that heat generated by its components. Too much heat would cause it to melt itself or degrade its sensitive electronic components.

So the PS5 reaches high temperatures and it needs to expel the heat or else something might happen to the console and its components.

Sony wants to ensure that they won't have what Microsoft's Xbox 360 experienced with the infamous Red Ring of Death. Heat management is essential if you want to keep any electronic system alive.

Many gamers love to allocate hours upon hours gaming, which means that whatever console they're playing on will need to take on that much abuse without getting too hot and then overheating.

Keeping the user experience smooth and keeping gamers enjoying themselves is the reason the console needs to have a massive size.

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When Is The PS5 Coming?

Sony's upcoming video game console still has a couple of details that people want to know the answers to as soon as possible. These details that people want to know right now are when the console is going to be released and exactly how much money it will cost.

Regarding the console's release date, the majority of video game consoles will usually fight for a November release date right before the month of Christmas. It's highly likely that Sony is aiming for this timeframe.

If you want to be notified when it's available to pre-order, you can register for pre-order notifications with major retailers.

What we know about the console's price is that it will be a price that is attractive to gamers. This statement was said by Sony themselves.

Hopefully, the PlayStation 5 won't be so expensive since many gamers don't have the money to spare on a console especially nowadays.

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