How to Watch Apple WWDC Online: Could the Keynote Live be Unveiling the New OS?

After months of canceled events due to the ongoing pandemic, Apple is finally holding a certain keynote today which is supposed to be the initial day of its long-awaited developer conference. The company is already expected to talk about the tons of software updates that customers and even those curious tech enthusiasts are looking forward to.

This upcoming WWDC is now a virtual event but the expectations are still up to regular standards except this time, in a totally different format. The event will start at 10 AM PT which is 1 PM in New York and 6 PM in London. You can watch the event without hassle as the company will be streaming it live.

Circulating rumors about the WWDC

There are ongoing rumors about how the company is planning to unveil newer versions of its recent operating system. You might want to get ready for the iOS 14 and its powerful sibling, the iPadOS 14 which is a brand new version of the macOS. There are also some updates for the watchOS along with the tvOS as well.

There is still another rumor that is most interesting this current year that Apple could also be announcing a major change for one of its most popular products, the Mac. The company could also start using its own in-house ARM systems on a specific chip instead of actually using Intel's processors.

This would eventually have a huge amount of consequences for all of those third-party apps that are running on your own Mac as well as all the Mac hardware in general. Try to imagine a MacBook equipped with a new battery that lasts just as long as what you get from your iPad.

There could also be more hardware news awaiting just like a new design for Apple's iMac or perhaps some cutting edge Tile-style hardware trackers.

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How to watch Apple's keynote live WWDC online

Watching the event has been made easier for everyone as Apple has decided to make it pretty convenient to stream live through YouTube. If you've got yourself an Apple TV, all you have to do is download the Apple Events app from the App Store. This will allow you to stream today's event and also rewatch the previous ones. The app icon has already been updated a few days ago for this special event.


If you do not own your own Apple TV or if you can't find any Apple TVs around and you still do not want to watch the WWDC through YouTube, you can actually live-stream the event on the official website under Apple Events section. This video feed will be able to work in all major browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and even Mozilla Firefox.

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