Upcoming Snapdragon 865+? Here's What We Can Expect

ASUS incorporates the Snapdragon 865+ chip into mobile devices like the Samsung Note 20. A source stated in an article that the Snapdragon 865+ chip would be incorporated into mobile devices soon. Rumors about the Snapdragon 865+ have surfaced all over the internet for the past few weeks now. However, there is currently confirmation on the matter.

Ice Universe, a famous leaker on mobile phone technology, has stated in a recent tweet the Snapdragon 865+ chip will be embedded into the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Because of this statement, it can be concluded that the Snapdragon 865+ is making its way to smartphone technology.

Not much was revealed on the specs and distinct features the Snapdragon 865+ has. The features of its predecessor, the Snapdragon 855+, will most probably be incorporated to the newer chip.

The Snapdragon 865+, however, will have more enhanced features and upgrades integrated into its chipboard. One may even say that the newer chip will be a bunk up from the older chip.

ASUS chips

Since the ASUS chip is known for its enhanced gaming quality in computer and laptop devices, people can presume that the chip will bring better gaming quality into mobile devices. The ASUS chips are considered to be the computer and electronics company's flagship products as of now. 

Mobile phone manufacturing companies such as Samsung and other well-known phone brands will be able to incorporate the Snapdragon 865+ when it is available on hand. There is also a possibility that ASUS's newest chip will wield a 5G modulator-demodulator (or modem, for short).

If the Snapdragon 865+ does establish a 5G modem, there is a high chance that mobile devices that utilize the new ASUS chip will be of a lower price compared to its preceding chip.

The semiconductor and software company Qualcomm has consolidated the 5G modem into many smartphones. This also comprises the mobile devices that will be wielding the Snapdragon 865+.

Usually, in these cases, smartphones will be sold in two variations. The variations will include the mobile devices with the 5G modem and the ones without the 5G modem.

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5G technology

In Qualcomm's official website, they have confirmed that the Snapdragon 865+ is coming to mobile devices everywhere that utilize the 5G modem. The ASUS chip will also incorporate AI engines that scale up to 5th gen Qualcomm boards.

The goal of the Snapdragon 865+ is to promote high-performing internal systems for gaming phones. In addition to this, it also wants to incorporate AI technology into these gaming devices. Qualcomm also emphasized its support of the camera aspect of phones, producing videos of high-quality that are taken in fast speeds.

Moreover, the ASUS chip can also capture images with quality as high as 64MP. It is no secret that the video game and entertainment industry has thrived so much for the past few decades. People are now able to play anywhere they go and whenever they want to.

The Snapdragon 865+ allows gamers to play in the most efficient and fun way possible.

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