Tesla New Feature Spotted? Model S is Testing Out Sensors for Autopilot!

Tesla's Autopilot feature may be receiving upgrades with the results of these new test runs. American vehicle manufacturer Tesla was seen conducting test runs on the sensor aspect of the company's Autopilot feature. The car model that was used for the Autopilot sensor test run was the Model S.

This hands-off attribute in Tesla's vehicles is said to be the only prerequisite aspect that is required in executing the independent system of driving and navigation. This feature is enhanced through updates on the software system of the company.

A man named Matt Crowley stated that he saw the Tesla car near the American company's main office in Palo Alto, California. Attached to the Model S was a metal rig that was situated on the top part of the vehicle.

The metal rig was seen to be holding the sensors that have the Autopilot feature embedded into them.

From the pictures provided by Crowley, one can see that the vehicle manufacturing company was truly the one who was conducting a test run for the sensors. This is because of the official company plates that were attached to the Model S car.

The sensors were placed on each side of the car, having one each on both sides, one in the frontal part just right above the windscreen, and one in the back.

Tesla: The Model S

One of the prominent models that Tesla markets is the Model S. This is because of its integration of the Autopilot feature in its software system.

The Model S is able to sense the objects and vehicles around it. Because of its highly advanced sensors, it is able to navigate its way through the road without bumping into anything or anyone.

Its radar can sense the car's surroundings up to 160 meters, assuring its owners a safe and steady trip. The cameras of the Tesla car also have a visibility of 360 degrees. 

This allows the vehicle to see everything around it and come up with algorithms within its internal systems to drive its way through the streets.

The Model S holds a total of 12 ultrasonic sensors, granting the vehicle the ability to steer away from any possible hazard.

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Tesla: The Autopilot Feature

The Autopilot feature of Tesla was launched four years ago back in 2016. This feature comprised sensors, a radar, and cameras.

Respectively, they were incorporated into the Tesla feature in order to sense the vehicle's surroundings, accurately sense incoming obstacles, and see the environment around the car.

There are a total of 12 sensors, eight cameras, and one radar that are included in the Autopilot feature.

The cameras have the ability to see everything around it, demonstrating a visual of 360 degrees. Moreover, the radar is able to see from a far distance the weather and atmosphere status of the road ahead.

Since its official launching in 2016, there were no significant updates to its system. This new test run on the sensors of the Tesla feature might be the start of grand updates and upgrades to it.

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