[Spotted] Maye Musk's Picture With Elon Musk Shows 3 Hidden Bionic Figures Behind: What Could This Mean?

By Urian , Jul 01, 2020 09:16 AM EDT

A public Facebook group dedicated to Elon Musk has just posted two pictures of Musk with a woman named Maye. Kai Erven posted a public post on the Tesla CEO, stating how she is curious about the background of the picture she posted on the Facebook group.

The first picture was of Maye and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX posing for a picture. The second picture was also the same picture. However, the difference between the two pictures is that the second picture had a red irregular shape between Maye and Musk, indicating something behind the pair.

[Spotted] Maye Musk's Picture With Elon Musk Shows 3 Hidden Bionic Figures Behind: What Could This Mean?
(Photo : Screenshot From Elon Musk Group on Facebook)
[Spotted] Maye Musk's Picture With Elon Musk Shows 3 Hidden Bionic Figures Behind: What Could This Mean?

Maye Musk's post

Erven's friend, Maye, posted on her personal Instagram account a picture she had with Musk. The Facebook public group poster was alarmed with the background of the picture her friend had with the SpaceX CEO.

The glass wall behind the duo projected three bionic, see-through figures. Kai expressed her curiosity on the matter and it seems to be not much of a thing to be worried about. In further inspection of the picture, one can see the "bionic, see-through figures" are merely reflections on the things that are in front of the pair.

The camera angle was captured in a way that lets someone see the light of the sun reflecting through the glass wall behind the duo, ultimately showing the environment the pair can see in front of them. Many people were amused by Erven's reaction to the pictures, stating how they will all be watching out for bionic figures.

Some were not all too pleased with the Facebook post, directly saying that the reflection of the photography lighting lamps had something to do with the bionic looking figures behind the duo.

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Elon Musk: The Movement

In accordance to an article from a technology news website, Elon Musk has unconsciously created a fandom of his own. The vast scope of the online world has fans of the SpaceX CEO thinking that he is some type of legend. 

These people are allured by Musk's charming personality and the wealth he has worked hard for with his intelligence and knowledge on the scientific technology world. Because of the success that the multibillionaire has exhibited to the whole world, his followers aspire to be as intelligent and successful as him.

Musk made cameos in many movies and television shows such as Iron Man 2, Big Bang Theory, and Rick and Morty. In the Iron Man 2 movie, he was seen making small talk with Tony Stark. This makes Elon Musk canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Musk also made a cameo in Big Bang Theory, interacting with Howard in a restaurant kitchen. 

The Tesla CEO set down a container full of dirty dishes near Howard. The main Big Bang Theory character Howard, suddenly noticing that the man setting down the unclean plates was his idol, was surprised to see Musk cleaning dishes with him of all people.

Rick and Morty also featured the SpaceX CEO in one of its episodes, naming the Tesla CEO "Elon Tusk."

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