New Electric Ford F-150 Breaks Through Cost of Operation

Electric Ford  F-150
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The new electric Ford F-150 has a total cost of ownership that's lower than gas engine trucks. This is according to an event that Ford streamed live. The electric Ford F-150 is expected to roll out in mid-2022. The truck will produce more power and torque than the gas engine trucks. 

"The all-electric F-150 is targeted at a total cost of operation that's more than 40% less than the similar gas engine trucks over the life of the vehicle," incoming CEO and Ford COO Jim Farley said.

Ford F-150 Performance and Functionality

The electric Ford F-150 will feature impressive functionality and performance. Its cost will disrupt the truck business in general. This is because of the truck's uptime and cost of ownership. Ford will deliver the electric F-150 at 40% less than other trucks. The electric Ford F-150 will require less maintenance. The vehicle is more reliable. It's also cheaper to maintain over the long-term.

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Ford has been working hard on the electric F-150.

"This truck has been tested and tortured to be Ford tough like you wouldn't believe," Farley said.

The test is taking place at the Michigan proving grounds. Ford is testing the car in real-world miles and simulations. Laboratory testing is also part of the process.

The electric Ford F-150 has two electric motors. It also produces more torque and power. Ford is committed to joining the world of electric vehicles. The F-series will also come with additional functionality. It will feature a mobile power generation system. This system can power an entire campsite. 

Affordable and Robust

The electric Ford F-150 has a huge space under the hood. This gives motorists enough space for storage.

"It has an enormous front trunk," Farley said. "We call it the frunk."

This is one of the biggest wins for the truck. The entire package is secure and functional. The area under the hood has security features. Owners can store tools and lockboxes in this section.

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Electric Ford F-150 is affordable and robust. The vehicle will crash competition from diesel and gas trucks. Production lines will start in mid-2022. Rivan and Tesla already have electric trucks. But Ford is already in the game. The entire package is very attractive. However, the cost of ownership is a big win. The above combination of features will boost sales. Production of the electric Ford F-150 will be done at Rouge Complex. Ford has invested $700 million in the new Ford F-150 lineup. The lineup will also have a PowerBoost Hybrid.  The expansion will add a battery assembly and an F-150 production facility.

Ford can make 2 million F-series trucks every year. The company has invested heavily in the production of electric cars. The new upgrades will add 300 jobs in the market. It will also provide upgraded production lines. Other automotive manufacturers are investing heavily in electric cars. These include GM, Toyota, and Tesla. The introduction of the electric F-150 marks a big move for the automaker. The company will generate many sales from this truck.

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