FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: 5 Pro Tips for Beginners To Start Your Dream Team

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode is on the horizon. That said, if you're still a beginner looking to start your journey in FIFA 21, look no further!

FIFA Ultimate Team mode is a keen-witted business. Building a star-studded team is the most challenging aspect of the game. Sometimes, it can get too hard that you think you have to spend real-life money for some FIFA 'points'.

You don't always have to be a pro player who spends every single penny for a mediocre pack with that in mind. In this article, we're guiding you through the start of your journey in the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. 

Understand the Linking Concept In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

This point is where things get tricky. Beginners tend to throw their highest-rated players on the starting eleven even though they come from different leagues and nationalities. 

This is a massive mistake. When a player gets a red link to his surroundings, the chance of getting the best out of his stats is slim.

If you have an 88-rated Marco Reus (Bundesliga) and link him up with Chris Smalling (Man United), you will never get the best out of these two.

The only option you have is to sell Smalling for being the smallest-rated player among the two or build your team around Reus. Snap some Bundesliga players around Reus to at least get a yellow link. 

If two players come from the same league and have the same nationality, or come from the same club, they will have a green link.

Snipe For Meta Players

Some players are built differently, and that's why ratings are not always everything in FIFA. Sometimes, a pacey 78-rated full-back with explosive speed is a whole lot better than an 83-rated one with all-rounded stat. 

Again, at the end of the day, it depends on your style of playing. There are plenty of FIFA Ultimate Team forums on Instagram and Reddit that guides you on which player you should snipe. 

Burn Your Untradeables For SBC

As mentioned above, not every high-rated players can translate their ratings into their in-game performances. If that's the case, you may want to burn them for SBCs (Squad Building Challenges).

If you have a hard time to decide which player to go with, forums like Futbin always offers a made-by-community solution for every SBC.

Trade. Trade. Trade.

It's been a well-known tradition that a large segment of FIFA fans treats their players like stocks and bonds. Although it may seem like a hassle for some, trading in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is absolutely rewarding. 

To do trading, you have to pay attention to the current trends of soccer. Let's say; if Timo Werner of Chelsea is expected to have a good match ahead, the price of his rare gold card will slightly increase the next day.

Online forums will give you all the guides you need. Like JakFUTTrading or TheDanishTrader, some top-flight traders offer a place at their trading class for a small price. 

You can still get top-flight players like Messi or Ronaldo without costing an arm and a leg!

Grind for Coins By Playing Squad Battles

If, however, you still don't have a fortune in FUT, you can try griding for coins by playing Squad Battles. Squad Battles mode lets you play at your own pace and your own time. 

Unlike Division Rivals, where you, as a beginner, will always be matched against someone who has 10 to 50-times better players than you, Squad Battles lets you set your own difficulty. 

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