GTA 3 Mod Now Available on PS Vita

Thanks to modders, GTA 3 is now available on PS Vita. Modders and streamers Rinnegatamante & TheFlow projected GTA 3 into PS Vita ports, and you can even start your own save now. 

PS Vita is a lot more powerful than PS2, which GTA 3 was initially released on. Even better, GTA 3 on PS Vita clocks steadily at 20-24 fps (frame-per-second) rate. The original PS2 version came at 25 to 30 fps, which means we could get the closest experience. 

However, you may still have to provide the data files on your own, which you can legally obtain from Steam for only $10. Then, you have to decompress the audio files, install the FdFix plugin by TheFloW, copy the data into your PS Vita, and install the VPK and all the data. 

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GTA 3 on PS Vita Won't Last Very Long

Unfortunately, this mod will probably not live forever.

It's a common secret that Rockstar hates modders. As TheGamer reported, hey did not appreciate people and dedicated fans who tried to port Red Dead Redemption to PC and remaster Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In 2018, Take-Two, Rockstar's parent company, sued a GTA Online modder for $150,000. Jhonny Perez was sued for his distribution of Elusive, a GTA Online cheat. The Florida man sold his cheats from $10 to $30, and the website only accepted Bitcoins. 

Although re3-vita is not precisely a cheating mod, with Rockstar's track record, let's just hope things will work out as long as possible. 

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The Future of Grand Theft Auto

Speaking about GTA 3, the game is eyeing a 20th anniversary in 2021. Although a complete remaster for current consoles is still a reach in the air, it will definitely be a nice gesture to pay homage to such an iconic game. 

Open world games are now more significant than ever. Since 2010, Rockstar does not release more than two games in a year like in the early 2000s. Back then, we had Max PayneManhunt, the OG Red Dead Revolver, and GTA San Andreas in two years. 

The last GTA game, GTA V, was released seven years ago, and fans are craving for something new. With GTA V coming to next-gen consoles of PS 5 and Xbox Series S/X, hopefully, we'll see any tangible evidence that the devs are working on a GTA 6. The only Rockstar game that came out after GTA V was Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA 3 was released in 2001 on PS2, Xbox, and Windows. A mobile version for Android and iOS phones are now available. 

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