Honda Streams Reveal of New 'Civic' in Twitch

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Honda unveiled its new addition to their established Civic series last Tuesday evening. Although, this time, unveiling of a car happened on Twitch, the most popular streaming platform in the world showcasing mostly video game contents by content creators.

This may seem like the first time a company as big as Honda utilized the social media platform for events such as product reveal. Although different contents are now also becoming popular in Twitch. Categories such as music, singing, or just chatting are followed by the viewers nowadays.

Civic is Already Popular, Yet It may Just Get More Popular Now

Civic, being one the most popular model car units in the US and in the world, is well known for being a budget friendly car for having an affordable buying price and sustainable expenses, such as fuel consumption pricing.

As of today, there are over a hundred countries where Honda sold Civic units in years. Fifty percent of the total sales, however, came from the US alone, signifying its popularity in the world's most powerful country.

Honda first sold the Civic on the US way back the early 1970s. Immediately after its early days of showcase in Japan which is the home country of Honda, Civic found its way to success after gasoline pricing during that time spiked up big numbers. The model is greatly known for it being a fuel consumption friendly automobile.

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With Twitch serving as the first backbone of the new Civic's promotion, it may just be more popular today. Research from Honda itself shows that most Twitch users are aged below 35 years. With the company's perception that Civic attracts buyers who are younger in age compared to most car buyers out there, it may have just been a perfect way to unveil the new Civic model - perfect platform for perfectly fitted customers.

Twitch users does not necessarily pertain to viewers only, but it is much bigger with its streamers and content creators.

The Life of a Twitch Streamer/Content Creator

Streamers and content creators are mostly in the youth age. Yet no matter what age it is, as long as a streamer or content creator already has thousands of viewers and is streaming and creating content regularly, one could earn as much as hundreds or thousands of US dollars. In some cases, they even earn as much as five or six digits, depending on their following and fan base.

Revenue is generated in online streaming platforms such as Twitch whenever a viewer support's his or her stream by sending gifts and donations. The other way to have profit is whenever ads are being played during their stream, just like YouTube's monetization tool, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). But in Twitch there is no certain number of subscribers and watch hours needed in order to gain revenue. Only 500 active viewers on someone's stream are needed for the activation of gaining money.

For mid to big streamers in Twitch buying a Civic would not cost them around as much. The current price for Civic starts around at 20,000 USD. But even for a viewer only, one may be interested in getting a unit of the new Civic, especially the youth today.

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