Job Hunting 101: Social Media Tips for Aspiring Employees

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Job hunting on today's world is considered a lot easier according to some. An aspiring employee can now apply through the web, with job hunting sites are a thing nowadays. Examples for this are JobsStreet, Linkedin, Indeed, Kalibir, and many more. Also, social media sites are also used as to post jobs. Facebook, Twitter, and even on Instagram. There are job opportunities out now everywhere.

But easier job applications may also mean more competition. As those job openings online could reach a wider scope and a variety of a more diverse audience, job seekers yet could also have a difficult time as well to hook them their guaranteed position on a workplace. Some employers even consider applicants outside of their country, especially when their job post is a remote work position.

Job and workplace themed website shows from their conducted survey that seventy percent of employers now use social media and the internet to search for possible candidates that they think are fit for their job post offerings before proceeding with the next initial processes of possible hiring or recruitment.

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Here are some tips that might help a job seeker to establish their social media presence in terms of job hunting and application:

1. Maximize the use of Social Media

The job that awaits you might just be one search or click away. As mentioned, job hunting sites are now popular to use. By searching one's preferred terms, such as the position you want, the company you prefer to work, the direct task of the job you want to do, and many more. These things are now possible thanks to a broader capability of websites to show a searcher's preference in job applications.

Not just on official job-hunting sites, but on social media sites as well. Facebook groups where job opportunities are posted are also being considered by some. Some groups are specific depending on the work niche. Some are in general, like the classified ads portion of the newspaper back then.

2. Think before You Click and Post

The famous quote "think before you click" was developed in the early days of the internet and social media, this still applies and probably will always apply even if different generations and trends have passed. Now it could be "think before you click and post", as people often posts something on their social media accounts' news feed, walls, timelines, etc., and these posts may reflect to the user itself. Some employers ask for the applicant's social media accounts as a way of background checking on some sort. That is why sorting out what you post online is an essential way to prove oneself, especially if you are a job seeker.

3. Be Yourself

Although tip number 2 somehow is not on the same page as this (like if you want to post insulting or inappropriate content on your social media accounts), being true to the employer you applied is still the best thing to prove yourself for your desired position. Your real educational attainment, previous job experiences, family background, etc. You must be transparent in a way that the employer may see your sincerity and desire to get the job post. And faking in all aspects is really not okay no matter how you look at it.

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