Instagram Updates Big with New Keyword Search Feature

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Instagram on Tuesday announced a new feature for its users. The keyword search update would now be available for the app, meaning users can now search using keywords aside from hashtags and accounts which are the only available search options before the update.

English words are available as of the moment, according to the social media giant. A spokesperson from the company mentioned that the developers are keeping in mind factors for the execution and accuracy of the update, such as captions, date posted, type of content, and many more to induce results and performances of the feature once it is applied. This is a big upgrade for Instagram. Users can now search on a wider variety of content.

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The company owned by Facebook seems to adapt one of their mother company's greatest strength and at the same time, weakness. Charges are being presented to Facebook for it being a tool used for spreading untrue information and fake news. Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is on the hot seat right now, as well as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who are both delegated to the US' Senate judiciary committee.

The two social media dynasty founders testified on how their social media platforms handled and are currently handling US election related content widely being seen or shared on each of their apps. With the scope of both social media applications' reach, misinformation has been established as one of the biggest uncontrollable 'bugs' within both company's apps.

As the one considered the third biggest social media platform, Instagram may uphold a much bigger responsibility if the upgrade pushes through. Luckily, Instagram says that the keyword search may be "limited to the general interest topics and keywords that are within Instagram's community guidelines."

Having these guidelines means not all keywords would be available, and only those that are qualified with the app's guidelines would do. That is both a minus, but also a plus for the company. Minus, because the keyword search will somehow be limited in a way, but also a plus for information security and validity - a key for preventing misinformation.

Big Time Move for Instagram

Nevertheless, this is still a huge step forward for the company and the users at the same time. This feature could attract more users as Instagram is still behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of user count. The thing that most people see why not all Facebook and Twitter users have Instagram accounts is the limited activity available on it. That is why this upgrade may be useful and relevant not only for existing users, but there is a big chance for new users as well.

Six countries were announced for the initial availability of the upgrade, namely the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand respectively. The update is expected to be available around the globe in the soonest possible time, once the initial testings on those six countries would come up with good and balanced results.

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