How to Get Cheap Games for PS5, Explained

PS5 games are no cheap, but it's actually easy to find a good one under a slashed price. Getting a PlayStation 5 console is hard nowadays amid shortage. But that's not only the problem for prospective buyers. The cost of maintenance and obtaining a game itself can be pretty neck-breaking. 

As the whole world is gearing up for the most festive time of the season, we're giving out five tips to get cheap (or even free) PS5 games for you. 

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Keep Your Eyes on Events Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Sony's PlayStation Store or trusted third-party online retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, or GameStop always give away crazy discounts during events like Black Friday, Winter Holiday, Cyber Monday, etc. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for these. 

The closest deals to get from now is the End of the Year Deals on the PlayStation Store, which gives you up to a 70% discount.

Make a Group of 3 or 4 Friends, Then Share the Cost

Another option that may come in handy is to make a group of trusted friends, maybe three or four, and buy a new game disc and share the cost. It's up to you to adjust who and when to play, but it's an excellent deal, especially if you're only there for the story and not the online campaign. 

Besides, Sony also lets players share their PS5 account with others. That way, you can purchase digital games without costing an arm and a leg. 

Buy Second-Hand Game Discs 

Other players regularly use marketplace websites like OLX or eBay to sell their second-hand video games. It's an outstanding deal, considering that you can still get a complete gaming experience without paying a full price.

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Or, there are also online gaming forums on Facebook that you can join, but keep in mind to have some common sense and always refrain from directly transferring your money to the seller's account without seeing them.

Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

This option is more of a case of spending money to save them. Subscribing to PlayStation Plus gives you access to at least two free games every month besides playing online with your friends. Even though you can't always choose what game you want to play, free games are still good. 

Never Pre-Order A Game. Instead, Wait for the Price to Drop

New ones usually cost over $59, so unless you're a massive, avid fan of the franchise, never pre-order a video game before its release. You don't know if it's good enough or if it'd meet your expectations. Instead, wait for other users' spoiler-free opinions on the game and wait for the price to drop. Some games see a massive discount five or six months after its release. 

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