PS5 Restock: When Will the Next-Gen Console Be Back in the US, Europe, UK, and Asia Markets?

Sony Interactive Entertainment's brand-new next-gen console, PS5, officially launched for the market last November. Several lucky fans participated in the pre-order and already had their hands on the latest console. However, as the pandemic batters every corner of the world, restocking PS5 has been more challenging than ever for Sony and every other retailer.

Recently, user Twitter @DualSensor and a trusted data miner and leaker for PlayStation news took to social media to confirm the possibility of restocking for fans in the US, the UK, and Ireland. The account has amassed over 34,4k followers on Twitter, and it mainly covers stock updates for PS5.

"Sony plans to sell 14 million more consoles this year alone," the tweet writes.


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According to the leaker, new supplies are expected to arrive for orders on January 7. Nevertheless, it could elastically expand to the middle of the month thanks to Brexit and the shipping delays thanks to COVID-19.

"Retailers are expecting stock to arrive for orders on the 7th January.If the stock hasn't arrived by then, we could be waiting until the 12th & 14th for retailers to get stock due to Brexit and shipments its a bit of a sh*t show. #PS5," the tweet reads.

Several reports noticed that Sony had sold a whopping four million PS5 units since its launch last November, and the demand keeps skyrocketing as the hype continues.

However, PS5 is on its track to become the lowest-selling PlayStation console in the history of its native country, Japan. In Japan, fans and analysts are let down by the company because Sony seems to prioritize the Western market over its home native, resulting in only 240,000 units sold since its release.

"A lot of that commentary is inaccurate, and Japan - as our second largest market and as Sony's heartland - continues to be really important to us," Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, dodged the accusation to Edge Magazine.

Where and How Much?

Once the stock is back in the market, fans will be able to get their hands on the newest next-gen console.

If you live in the US, Walmart and Amazon are your best place to get the PS5. Rumor has been swirling around these two marketplaces, and it's safe to check the stock every day because it could drop any day in January 2021. For the UK and European residents, try Amazon, Very, and Argos, as they usually restock the products once they're available.

PS5 comes in two different editions: the original and the "Digital-Only" version. The original PS5 starts from $500 in the US and €500 in Europe. The "Digital-Only" edition is much cheaper, starting from only $400 in the US and €400 in Europe.

Check out the full-detailed deals here.

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