'Pokemon Unite' Beta: How to Get and Play Testing Mode (All Requirements)

How to Get 'Pokemon Unite': Play Beta Testing Mode
How to Get 'Pokemon Unite': Play Beta Testing Mode Photo : Screenshot From RippingLotus YouTube

For those fans of "Pokemon Go" and excited for a "Pokemon Go Unite", the studio behind the phenomenon is launching just the "Pokemon Unite" 2021 after a couple of months of the game's beta testing. "Pokemon Unite" is expected to be a team-battle game where players up to 5 form teams in order to face opponents, catch wild and rare "Pokemon", level up, and even evolve their own "Pokemon" while actually defeating the enemy "Pokemon".

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According to an article by PhoneArena, what's more important is that the upcoming "Pokemon Unite" will be introducing a new type of combat system specific to the said games requiring strategy and teamwork. Since the "Pokemon Go" gameplay was admittedly a breath of fresh air, it's exciting to see what "Pokemon Unite" will come out with.

The official "Pokemon" website noted that the "Pokemon Unite" was initially revealed about a year ago and has been in development ever since. It was also noted that a number of new playable "Pokemon" have been added as well as changes to the gameplay. The game has also been improving its visuals as well as a lot of other aspects.

How to get 'Pokemon Unite'

With that being said, there is actually still a lot to be done in order to ensure the very best possible experience. Now that the developers are actually looking to "Pokemon" fans to help them deliver a better game, the beta testing period has now been opened.

The game is reportedly planning to release for Apple, Android, and even Nintendo Switch units. However, the beta testing is now only accessible to those with Android devices. Those trainers who are interested can reportedly go over to the Google Play Store in order to get more detail and even register to get a chance to participate.

How to play 'Pokemon Unite' (requirements)

  • Players must be a resident of Canada to try the "Pokemon UNITE" regional beta test.

  • Participants should at least be 16 years of age in order to participate.

  • The progress will reset once the beta is completed.

  • Capturing or even streaming the gameplay is not allowed during the duration of the regional beta test.

  • The app is said to be free-to-play and is mainly optimized for smartphones and not tablets.

  • The app needs the Android devices to have at least 3GB of RAM as well as have the Android Version 5.0+ or higher installed.

  • The application might not be able to run on some devices despite having the right OS versions installed.

  • The compatibility information is subject to change at any time

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'Pokemon Unite' beta

On the website, there were also a few key facts about the upcoming "Pokemon Unite". Even though a few of them were TBA, it's worth checking out when they will be updated.

  • "Pokemon Unite" release date: to be announced

  • "Pokemon Unite" genre: strategic team battle

  • "Pokemon Unite" compatible platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices

  • "Pokemon Unite" players: to be announced.

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