All 'Pokemon GO' Community Day Dates for 2021

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"Pokemon GO" is filled with some of the most exciting and thrilled events that has been already established for years ever since the interactive video game was released in way back in 2016. It includes limited-time events as well as other regular events in the game for the fans all over the world to enjoy and try on, such as the monthly "Pokemon GO" Community Day.

'Pokemon GO' Community Day History

The very first Community Day in the game was launched in January 2018. The event showed and highlighted a specific Pokemon to appear more frequently in the wild and anywhere in the game for players to catch and experience playing more of those. During the inaugural Community Day, it was the amscot and flagship Pokemon from the anime series and video game franchise Pikachu who was on the spotlight.

Ever since it began, the tradition of celebrating the Community Day event every month has become a known thing for players of the game all across the globe. Most of the time, the featured Pokemon would come along in the event by a handful of Pokemon and game bonuses, either various Pokemon items such as two of each - Catch Candy, Rare Candy, Stardust, and many more.

So far since it was launched, there are now a total of 38 Community Day events in the game, and a continuous three consecutive years and counting of showcasing some of the Pokemon from the game and anime series.

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And with that, Future Game Releases has listed the speculated and almost guaranteed dates of the "Pokemon GO" Community Day events this 2021

 So far, there were already two Community Day events for this year that took place. The first one was in January 16 in which it featured the Fighting-type Machop, while the other one was just yesterday in which the Grass-type Pokemon Roselia was highlighted (as reported by Polygon).

2021 'Pokemon GO' Community Day Event Dates

Here are the other upcoming Community Day dates this year:

  • March 20 or 27
  • April 11 or 18
  • May 8, 15 or 22
  • June 13 or 20
  • July 10 or 17
  • August 15 or 22
  • September 18 or 25
  • October 10, 17 or 24
  • November 13 or 20
  • December 19 or 26

Usually, the Community Day events in the game of "Pokemon GO" falls during a weekend. It is because of the fact that most players can spend most of their free time during weekends by which where they can explore and roam around to catch a handful of Pokemon. As of now, there is still no confirmed news regarding which Pokemon would be featured during those events. Yet as based from the previous Community Day events during the last three years, every month would typically feature a different and unique Pokemon-type.

If that would be implemented by some sort, then there is a possibility that the Fighting and Grass-types may not see another Pokemon classified as those in the Community Day event. 

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