PS5 Restock Tracker on Target, Newegg, Sony Direct: When and Where to Buy PlayStation 5 Next?

PS5 Restock Tracker on Target, Newegg, Sony Direct: When and Where to Buy PlayStation 5 Next?
PS5 restocks on Target could happen again by next week. Here are the predicted details and dates for PlayStation 5 restocks on various retailers. Photo : Hello I'm Nik/Unsplash

A chance to buy the PS5 gaming console at retail price is happening soon! More units are expected to come out from Target by next week. Here are the full details and restock schedule for retailers online

To be clear, PS5 gaming consoles are available nationwide. Shops like Amazon, Walmart and PlayStation Direct are selling PS5 units online. However, Amazon and Walmart both sell their unit above the manufacturer's recommended price. PlayStation 5 consoles are also often sold in a bundle set to reduce competition and prevent scalpers from making easy purchases.

PlayStation Direct, meanwhile, sells more than one PS5 gaming console during its restocks. However, the system uses a lottery system when choosing its purchasing customer. This strategy is advertised to give everyone an equal chance of purchasing the console. It takes a bit of luck when using the said method, but it guarantees automatic purchase if you get called.

TechRadar reported that Target is one of the few stores that sell PS5 at their retail price. The gaming console is sold at $399 (PS5 Digital) and $499 (PS5 Disc). Its latest restock sale happened on July 9, with its units selling out in a matter of hours. Fortunately, another sale is scheduled to happen.

Target is reportedly holding a few PS5 units in its inventory. Target has approximately 12 PS5 consoles per retailer store across the US. These units might go on sale in the next few days.

An update for PS5 restock on all major retail shops are as follows:


Stocks are available. The retailer sells the PS5 disc edition at $975. This purchase does not include console accessories or games with it.


No stocks are available. The retailer is long overdue since its last sale on June 24 and 30. Best Buy typically restock on Thursdays, possibly on July 15.


No stocks are available. The retailer is expected to release new gaming consoles on Thursday, possibly this July 15.

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Stocks are available. The retailer sells their PS5 at $1,100 bundles which include two controllers and one game. It also sells the console at retail price in their "Newegg Shuffles," a lottery game they play during the weekend. Similar to PS Direct, you need luck to get this purchase.

PlayStation Direct

No stocks are available. It has been a week since PlayStation Direct last reloaded its inventory with PS5 gaming consoles. New overdue stocks could potentially come out by next week.


No stocks are available. As previously mentioned, TechRadar said that the retailer is currently holding on to PS5 consoles. Target does not share its PS5 restock plans with the public. However, the retailer usually sells its products on Thursdays. Keep an eye out for the coming days, especially on July 15, for your best chance of buying PS5 at retail price.


Stocks are available. PS5 consoles are selling at $960, nearly double its manufacturer price of $499.

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