iPhone 13 Hit with Major Problem: Massive Shortage Coming!

iPhone 13 Hit with Major Problem: Massive Shortage Coming!
Apple will be limiting the production of the iPhone 13 by millions. The said limitation is due to its computer chip shortage and supply chain issue. Photo : Ming Yeung/Getty Images

Apple will be limiting the production of the iPhone 13 by millions. The said limitation is due to its computer chip shortage and supply chain issue.

Unfortunately, the said shortage affected Apple shares that resulted in its decrease by one percent. Due to the supply chain issue, the U.S. government has also warned people that this could affect the upcoming Christmas season.

Aside from the tech giant, there are also several other industries that were affected by this issue.

iPhone 13 Shortage: What Seems To Be the Problem?

Previously, Bloomberg reported that Apple was expected to produce 90 million iPhone units by the end of this year, per The Guardian. Unfortunately, this expected number of iPhone units may not be achieved.

After its release last month, Apple will be reducing the production of the iPhone 13 series due to its chip shortage and supply chain issue. For this reason, Apple revealed to its manufacturers that the expected numbers will be lower since its chip supplier Broadcom Inc. and Texas Instruments were struggling to bring its components.

Recently, Apple shares declined by 1.2 percent after hours of trading, while both Broadcom Inc. and Texas Instrument also saw their shares decline for about one percent, per Business Today. Apple did not give any comments on this issue, as well as Broadcom Inc. and Texas Instrument.

For a piece of background information, Business Today furthered that Apple has forecasted the slow revenue growth and its chip shortage, which affected the capability to sell Macs, iPad as well as its iPhone. In addition to Apple's forecast, Texas Instrument also anticipated the chip supply concerns for this year.

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Upcoming Apple Products

For those worried about the forecasted limited supply of iPhone 13, then don't worry. There are a lot of alternative Apple products to give this upcoming Christmas season.

In a previous report, Apple will be hosting an event named with the tag line Unleashed. This event will feature the latest Apple products, including both MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch versions. Aside from MacBook Pro, Apple AirPods 3 is also expected to be launched at the said event.

Bumping off the said chip shortage, the MacBook Pro will have an upgraded M1 chip, which will be called the M1X chip. Reports also stated that the new MacBook Pro will have a revamped design and nbe offered with a huge memory and storage.

The said event will be streamed on October 18 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and 1 p.m. Eastern Tim. Interested watchers can watch the live stream on this YouTube link.

Goods Affected by Supply Chain Crisis

On the other hand, not only technology companies were affected by the said supply chain crisis. Among those affected are the automotive industry, energy industry, food industry and more, per CNBC.

For a much-detailed explanation, The Guardian said that car makers estimate to produce 7.7 million fewer vehicles this year, as many US car factories paused their production because of lack of parts. Aside from this, Asia's large manufacturing centers--particularly China and South Korea--shut down their factories due to some energy shortages as well as high energy prices.

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