Motorola confirms there's no press event for Moto X on July 11

By Anu Passary , Jul 10, 2013 11:58 AM EDT

Despite recent rumors that Moto X will make its debut on July 11, Motorola apparently has no press event scheduled for that date.

We recently reported that Moto X will not launch this Thursday, July 11 and now Motorola has confirmed the same.

"Everyone had expected Motorola to hold an event on July 11th, but on Monday the company said that there is no event. Which of course, means that we will not be hearing more about the Motorola Moto X, the Motorola DROID Ultra, the Motorola DROID Ultra MAXX and the Motorola DROID Ultra M this Thursday," Android Community reports.

Various rumors were doing rounds claiming that Motorola was going to host a press event for select tech journalists on July 11, where it would unveil the Moto X smartphone. However, the launch date rumor was challenged by a CNET report citing its own sources, claiming that Motorola had something else up its sleeve.

Motorola has now officially debunked the notion of a July 11 launch for the Moto X and acknowledged that no press event is scheduled for that date.

As it turns out, Motorola's Guy Kawasaki is hosting a personal, private gathering on the alleged release date and per Android Community "no products will be revealed or launched." That supposed launch date was never official and simply based on mere speculation.   

The drama surrounding the July 11 launch date of the Moto X began last week when Motorola launched a teaser page that confirmed the existence of the yet-to-be-announced Android-powered handset. Shortly after, the company out up the actual product page, asking consumers to "sign up and we'll let you know about what else we're up to."

Additionally, an ad teased the upcoming Moto X. The advert showed a man and a woman jumping in a lake. The man's body formed an X, whereas the woman's body resembled I. Putting the two letters X and I together formed XI, the Roman numeral for 11. This sparked off speculation that the smartphone would release on July 11.

Adding fuel to the fire was tech blogger Leo Laporte, who said that Motorola was planning to host a private event for "50 or so press members" on the same date, which made the phone's debut near certain for several enthusiasts. While the rumor mills had a field day, unfortunately the information was nothing but hogwash.

With the July 11 debut not materializing, we'll have to wait and see when Motorola launches the smartphone. Given the frequency of the Moto X's image leaks of late, it seems the debut is not far away.

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