iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus iFixit teardown: Impressive battery improvements, 7/10 repairability score

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus officially hit retail and the folks over at iFixit already performed a teardown of each device.

Apple unveiled its new-generation iPhones on Sept. 9 and put them up for pre-order on Sept. 12, ahead of their retail debut on Friday, Sept. 19. As always with high-profile devices, some people can't wait to get their hands on the latest gadget and tear it apart.

While it's not recommended to do something like this at home, the folks over at iFixit are professional breakers and that's what they do best. As expected, they got their hands on the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on launch day and tore them apart in no time.

Both new iPhones got a repairability score of 7 out of 10 from iFixit, which is a notable step forward compared to the previous-generation iPhone 5S. The teardowns also revealed impressive battery improvements on the new models over their predecessors.

"The iPhone 6 features an 1810 mAh, 3.82 V Lithium-ion Polymer battery with an energy rating of 6.91 Wh. Turning it over, the rating improves to 7.01Wh! Perhaps the engineers were able to squeeze an extra 0.1Wh in the battery after confirming the text on the front," iFixit reckons. "Apple preaches that this 28-gram power pack will let you talk for up to 14 hours on 3G and offers 250 hours of standby time. This is a fair bit smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus's 11.1Wh, 2915 mAh battery - but still a notable bump from the 1560 mAh unit in the iPhone 5s."

The teardown report further points out that the iPhone 6 battery has "an identity crisis," as it has markings of Apple South Asia (Thailand) Limited and Apple Japan on its front, but its back says that it's made in Huizhou, China. Regardless, it's still better than the iPhone 5S battery.

The battery powering the iPhone 6 Plus, meanwhile, is even more impressive, delivering a longer battery life despite the smartphone's larger 5.5-inch display.

"In line with rumors, the battery is rated at 3.82 V and 11.1Wh of energy, for a total of 2915 mAh - nearly double the capacity of the 1560 unit in the iPhone 5s, and slightly larger than the 2800 mAh burner in the Galaxy S5. Between the larger battery and improvements in power efficiency, Apple touts a talk time of up to 24 hours on 3G, and 384 hours of standby time," reads the iPhone 6 Plus teardown report. "The battery found in the Plus is larger than the standard iPhone 6's 6.91 Wh, 1810 mAh battery - which explains the longer life, despite the much larger screen."

For more details, check out the iPhone 6 teardown here, and the iPhone 6 Plus teardown at this link.

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