Purported Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone leaks online in first images

By April Taylor , Nov 15, 2014 10:27 AM EST

A couple of leaked images may be the first sightings of the purported Xiaomi Mi5, the company's next flagship smartphone.

Xiaomi is a rising star on the mobile market, enjoying great success in China, India, and other Asian markets. The Chinese company has recently grabbed the third spot when it comes to mobile market share, and its popularity continues to grow. It may not be very well-known in Western markets, but Xiaomi is a great force in the markets it serves.

Each new Xiaomi smartphone so far has enjoyed tremendous success, selling like hot cakes. The company sells out of smartphones in now time, smashing record after record, and its next flagship smartphone is expected to be in high demand as well.

Xiaomi has not confirmed nor announced anything in regards to an upcoming Mi5 smartphone, but the rumor mill is busy churning nonetheless and a couple of leaked images now claim to show the purported smartphone.

The images surfaced on Weibo on Friday, Nov. 14, courtesy of user iLevon. It's worth pointing out that while the tipster claims to show the next-generation Xiaomi Mi5, there's no guarantee that this leak is accurate. If the images turn out to be the real deal, however, Xiaomi's next flagship smartphone could be its best one so far.

The tipster offered no details regarding the hardware specifications of the purported Xiaomi Mi5, but the design of the smartphone looks quite stylish. So far, Xiaomi has been referred to as "the Apple of China," with its devices bearing a resemblance to iPhones.

If these newly-leaked images turn out to be accurate, however, the Xiaomi Mi5 will sport a design closer to an HTC smartphone than to an iPhone.

Keep in mind, however, that this leak may also turn out to be fake. If Xiaomi does indeed have a Mi5 smartphone in the pipeline, the release is most likely a few months away and it's still early to tell what the handset will look like or what specs it will pack.

As always with leaks, rumors, and speculation, take this report with a hefty grain of salt. We'll make sure to keep you up to date as soon as more details become available, so stay tuned.

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