Verizon Nokia Lumia 822, Lumia 928 getting Lumia Denim update with Windows Phone 8.1

By April Taylor , Dec 21, 2014 08:38 AM EST

Owners of the Nokia Lumia 822 or Lumia 928 on Verizon are in for some good news, as the carrier will push the Lumia Denim update soon.

Microsoft has already rolled out the Lumia Cyan update a while ago, and recently it also started pushing the new Lumia Denim update for some of its select Lumia devices. Windows Phone users on Verizon, however, did not even get a taste of the Lumia Cyan version.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has officially announced that the Lumia 822 and Lumia 928 on Verizon Wireless are slated to receive the highly-anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim soon.

This means that the devices will skip the previous version of the software, going straight for the Lumia Denim update instead of Cyan and receive the latest version of Windows Phone as well.

"Here's an early Christmas present to our U.S. readers: If you own a Lumia and you're on the Verizon network, the newest Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade - the super-charged Lumia Denim - is coming to you soon," Microsoft touted in a company blog post.

"Yes, that means you'll skip over the previous update, Lumia Cyan, and go straight to Denim!"

The company further notes that the rollout for the Lumia 822 and Lumia 928 will start over the next few days, and the much-touted Lumia Icon is next in line, set to receive the new software in early 2015.

The update will bring a number of notable improvements and new features, including SMS forwarding, the ability to create folders on the Start Screen simply by dragging one app over another, as well as a slew of camera and imaging-related enhancements designed to improve the overall experience.

The update will roll out gradually, which means that it may take a while to reach all eligible devices. We'll keep you up to date as soon as the update starts its journey to the Lumia 822 and Lumia 928. So far there's no exact date for when the Lumia Denim update will start rolling out for the Lumia Icon, but it's expected to hit the device sometime in January.

In the meantime, if you have a Verizon Lumia 822 or Lumia 928, drop by our comment section below when you receive the update to let us know how it fares.

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