Automobile Owners May Choose Buy Back To Be Rendered By Volkswagen

By Logan , May 03, 2016 02:16 AM EDT

Here it goes again. On the talks about Volkswagen crisis, the said automobile company is now facing a probable crisis that needs more budget allotment due to its existing "Diesel Dupe" scandal that is to be resolved right away to clean the company's integrity and stand for better customer care.

According to the post by Street, Senior Judge Charles Breyer said that an agreement is given the options to customers whether they let the manufacturer buy back the questioned vehicles or fix these. Moreover, the agreement will also include the automobile company, firstly, to allot money or fund for corrective efforts over the excess pollution. Secondly, it is to require the said automobile company to promote green automotive technology. The judge did not specify anymore about the details on how the company will repair the vehicles, sources say.

In another post by Street, it says that Volkswagen is liable for up to $18 billion in penalties for 482,000 diesel models sold since 2008. Despite these crises, the Volkswagen company is planning to go forward by adhering to the agreement of buy back, repairs and green automotive promotion.

It is also reported that it is not only the Volkswagen Company that is facing scrutiny about these claims. Mitsubishi also became part of the scrutiny as it admitted that it tested its cars improperly since 1991. Although Mitsubishi admitted that it cheated the Japanese fuel economy, it did not include the vehicles sold in America. Yet, the automobile company is still in the eyes of the U.S. investigators.

The automobile company has to answer the call of its customers in line with the claims that the latter made. That is why the former allots a big chunk of its budget solely for the claims. Will it affect the sales of its vehicles? Of course, but the company is going and moving forward for the betterment of its customers and for the company itself.


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